Winner Of Best "WOW" Product Of The Year

Winner Of Best "WOW" Product Of The Year

Last night Flo made her way to London to the Not on the high awards wearing her sparkles!

Our chocolate cheeseboard was up for Best Wow Product of the year out of all the things avaliable on their site.

There were 20 awards in total and a lovely buzz around the place and plenty of free champagne which after a while stopped Flo's feet from hurting in her killer heels!

   awards  the prize

We were shortlisted and then we won! NB more champagne was drunk , Flo had her photo taken and was asked to be on film saying how excited she was .... can't wait to see that tipsy clip.

She rang her dad to tell him about the award (he was back at the factory) only to say when she told him we had won... "won what Flo? oh that great's news umm what did you day we had won?" Got to love Mr Kerr!


Needless to say we are all delighted and one of our lovley customers was too and sent us all cake !!



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