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Welcome to Choconchoc!

Beautiful handmade chocolate gifts from the finest Belgian chocolates handmade in the heart of Somerset

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Welcome to Choc on Choc!

Based in the heart of the Somerset countryside, we create beautiful handmade chocolate gifts from the finest Belgian chocolates. Whatever the occasion, we’re bound to have the perfect present for you or your loved ones.

Shop our adorable and quirky creations, and choose from an enormous range of unique and exciting gifts, including chocolate cheese boards, chocolate animals, wedding favours, and much more. We even offer a bespoke service for special birthdays or corporate events.

Founded in 2003 by father/daughter duo, Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton, Choc on Choc has grown from a tiny team of three to an award-winning independent business. Plus, with free delivery on all orders over £40, there’s no reason not to treat yourself!

  • Stressed? Tuck into some dark chocolate
    Stressed? Tuck into some dark chocolate

    Next time you’re feeling a bit stressed, but a hot bath or gym session seems a little bit too much effort, reach into the chocolate stash, instead. It’s good for you, honest.

    A new study has found that eating chocolate can actually lower our stress levels, according to Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Centre in Southern California.

    The found that eating dark chocolate, particularly with a high percentage of cacao, can reduce stress levels and inflammation, as well as improving mood, memory and immunity. Chocolate contains flavonoids, which are antioxidants that can benefit our brain and heart health, the researchers said.

    And the higher the level of cacao, the happier we become, the researchers say. So indulge. Who are we to disagree with science?

  • A guide to chocolate eating for those with intolerances
    A guide to chocolate eating for those with intolerances

    Allergies and food intolerances are no fun. But when it comes to chocolate – there’s usually a way.

    For most allergies, it’s more obvious. For example, if you have a nut allergy, you’re probably already pretty clued-up on what chocolate you can have. But intolerances are different from allergies in that you won’t have an allergic reaction, exactly, but your body will let you know in some form or another that it doesn’t like what you’ve just given it. Perhaps you get headaches, an upset stomach or rashes on your skin.

    So here’s a bit of advice how to navigate some of the most common intolerances – so you can relax and enjoy chocolate, without having to worry.


    Chocolate contains caffeine, albeit in low amounts. If you’re very sensitive to caffeine, the lower the cocoa content, the better. That means go for milk chocolate, or white chocolate to avoid it all together. And, of course, you might want to give chocolate-covered coffee beans a miss.


    White and milk chocolate both contain dairy, so opt for dark chocolate if you’re dairy intolerant or vegan. Usually, the cocoa content in dairy-free chocolate will be upwards of 70%. But always check the ingredients, just in case some dairy snuck in there.


    Chocolate in its pure form doesn’t contain any gluten. However, some chocolate manufacturers  either add ingredients that contain gluten, or their chocolate is at risk of gluten contamination due to the manufacturing process. So it depends on how strong your intolerances are – but it’s always best to check labels or pop the company an email to ask.

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