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Welcome to Choconchoc!

Beautiful handmade chocolate gifts from the finest Belgian chocolates handmade in the heart of Somerset

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Welcome to Choc on Choc!

Based in the heart of the Somerset countryside, we create beautiful handmade chocolate gifts from the finest Belgian chocolates. Whatever the occasion, we’re bound to have the perfect present for you or your loved ones.

Shop our adorable and quirky creations, and choose from an enormous range of unique and exciting gifts, including chocolate cheese boards, chocolate animals, wedding favours, and much more. We even offer a bespoke service for special birthdays or corporate events.

Founded in 2003 by father/daughter duo, Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton, Choc on Choc has grown from a tiny team of three to an award-winning independent business. Plus, with free delivery on all orders over £40, there’s no reason not to treat yourself!

  • Easter egg hunt guide
    Easter egg hunt guide

    If there's one question on everyone's lips at the moment, it's:

    How do you carry out a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt? Well, whether it’s for kids or grown-ups (we won’t judge) here’s how to have the best Easter egg hunt this year.

    1.   Camouflage

    Assuming your Easter egg hunt will be taking place in a garden of some sort, you’ll need to carefully consider how you’re going to ensure your Easter treats are well hidden.

    Whether this means gluing green shredded paper onto the boxes of your eggs, or wrapping them in green foil, you need to think about how they're going to blend in. Another way to ensure your Easter eggs are camouflaged is to make sure you pick ones that resemble nature and its woodland creatures, to throw your hunters off the scent.

    Our Belgian chocolate bunny with gold egg is sure to blend in.

    2.  False alarms

    You will need to place a few false alarms along the way to throw people off the scent. Position a bit of foil, ribbon or cardboard - or anything that shines and catches the eye - among some bushes to trick your hunters. Trust us - it's all part of the fun

    3.  Quality and quantity

    You don’t want your hunters to uncover a giant Easter in the first five minutes, because that would mean it’s game over pretty quickly. Opt for smaller treats instead, so there’s more to go around and your hunters will be occupied for longer. Also, smaller Easter treats are easier to hide. For inspiration, why not have a little look at our delectable mini ostrich chocolate Easter eggs? Or perhaps our white Belgian chocolate chicks?

  • Top 10 Easter Gifts Guide
    Top 10 Easter Gifts Guide

    Easter is one of the best times of year. Perhaps we’re slightly biased, but chocolate eggs, Bank Holidays, the start of Spring – what’s not to love? Choc on Choc has a mouth-watering selection of chocolate Easter treats for your loved ones. Here’s 10 of our favourites to inspire you.

    1 Chocolate Bunny and Carrots

    Nothing says Easter quite like ten white chocolate carrots and a milk chocolate bunny bottom (who won’t be the only one diving in). This handmade Easter spectacular might be cuteness overload, but we’re sure there’s someone in your life who’d love it.

    2 Chocolate Coconut with Chocolate Mini Eggs

    Perfect for the adventurer in your life, someone who thinks outside the box, our chocolate coconut has been handcrafted with the finest Belgian chocolate. And if that’s not enough, lift the top off and you’ll find a hidden treasure of chocolate mini eggs.

    3 Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

    If there’s one thing better than warm, buttery hot cross buns on Easter Sunday, it’s a bite (okay, a few bites…) of our chocolate hot cross buns. Made with delectable milk chocolate and filled with a delicious marshmallow filling.

    4. Chocolate Egg and Soldiers

    Take egg and soldiers to the next level with our egg and soldiers – with a solid white chocolate egg and four chocolate soldiers who look like they’ve been picked straight from Buckingham Palace. All handmade, all irresistible.

    5 Golden Chocolate Squirrel and Acorn

    For the more discerning chocoholic in your life, we present our Belgian chocolate acorn and squirrel twosome. Complete with a dusting of edible gold and tiny chocolate bowtie.  

    6 Chocolate Quail Eggs

    Our yummy quail eggs come in boxes of 12 – and trust us, if you treat a special someone to these this year, they’ll be thanking you until next Easter. Solid white and dark Belgian chocolate, complete with a delicate butterfly design – it’s pure poetry, isn’t it?

    7 Dark Giant Half an Ostrich Easter Egg

    Who says Easter eggs can’t look like works of art? Our beautiful dark chocolate ostrich egg does, that’s for sure. And just when you think it’s over, you’ll find some golden eggs inside.

    8 Caramel Filled Chocolate Easter Egg

    We have the absolute perfect gift for the sweet-tooth in your life: our delicious, handmade milk chocolate Easter egg, complete with pockets of sumptuous caramel and dusted with edible gold.

    9 Chocolate Pineapple with Milk Buttons

    Add a tropical twist to your loved ones’ Easters this year with our handmade, Belgian milk chocolate pineapple, with a chocolate button surprise inside.

    10 Chocolate Bunny with Gold Egg

    Easter isn’t complete without a chocolate bunny. Ours is made with Belgian milk chocolate, which is handmade into an adorable, solid bunny, complete with a gold egg.

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