How to take the best chocolate photos for Instagram

How to take the best chocolate photos for Instagram

Instagram is foodie heaven – and let’s be honest, more of the best edible snaps feature chocolate. Perhaps you’ve created a delicious chocolate cake you want to show off, or made a ganache that looks so good everyone needs to see if.

If you want to get involved in the fun, here’s how to get your chocolate creations looking Insta-perfect.


No matter how good your chocolate cupcakes look, taking a photo of them in a dark room isn’t going to get anyone’s taste buds going. Find some natural light before you snap.


The best food photos on Instagram are just that. So let your chocolate do the talking. No clutter around the edges, just a close-up of your chocolatey creation.

Don’t over-edit

A filter or two never harmed a sunset, but don’t go to town on editing your baking creations because you still want your food to look edible.

Keep it real

If you’re gone to town with some chocolate sauce, don’t clean it off for the sake of the photo. The best food pics are the ones that look believable – you want people to know they can recreate it.

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