"Gifts Fit for a Queen"

"Gifts Fit for a Queen"



Gifts Fit for a Queen

Our special commemorative chocolates released for The Queen’s 90th birthday received some wonderful press in the lead up to Her Majesty’s special day.  We were included in the Bath Chronicle's feature “Gift’s fit for a Queen”, gifts from shops in and around Bath were selected as a round-up of gorgeous products available to mark the occasion.  Of course, we like to think that all of our chocolates are fit for a Queen but our Royal Crown Chocolates& First Class Stamp Barwith have you feeling especially regal!


Emily Florence Bakes Emily Florence Bakes’ selection of birthday products she was loving for the Queen also included our Royal Chocolate Crownswhich she described as “lovingly made by Bath-based luxury chocolatiers”and we can confirm that is most cetainly true.


The South London Pressmentioned both  of  our royal themed products in 

South London Press

their article ‘ What the Queen’s lucky guests might be served’. They mentioned that our “delicious” First Class Stamp Baris created using our patented technique of layering chocolate but added “ for an extra special gift, there is a handmade selection of nine intricate Crown Chocolatesproduced from the finest white and dark Belgian chocolate.”What could be more special than a box of chocolate crowns – aside from a real one of course, but you’d have to ask The Queen about that!






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