There's a Lot of Love for Our Lollies!

There's a Lot of Love for Our Lollies!


NME Things We Like

A pot of glitter, ice cream sandwich & chocolate and chilli tequila – all things that NMEcovets in their “Things we like – this weeks objects of desire” and our Ice Lolly Shaped Chocolate s feature proudly on the list! They mused of our chocolate replicas of the retro classics “What’s not to like?”, in honesty we can’t think of a thing!


The Lady MagazineEach day The Lady Magazineupdates their ‘ Lady Loves’feature with their favourite spot of the day ,and our Ice Lolly Shaped Chocolateshave earned themselves a place!  The post states that “ It might be a bit chilly yet for ice cream”maybe a touch but it’s never too chilly for chocolate!


The Observer Magazine‘Drip – Free Lollies’was The Observer Magazine’s sum up of our newly bestselling product.  “ Improve a Fab, Rocket, Twirl and Strawberry spilt?” Make sure they don’t melt, by reinventing them in chocolate”.  Admittedly there isn’t a lot of danger of that with our British weather but re-inventing anything in chocolate is an improvement more often than not!

London Evening Standard The London Evening Standard's “London Life Food” has featured our Ice Lolly Shaped  Chocolatesas their “Trend Spot” for the day.  They highlighted that the “Chocolate lollies are jolly in all weather conditions”and “won’t give your brain a freeze”.


Ice Lolly Shaped Chocolates

Food Bev said that our  Ice Lolly Shaped Chocolates are a “ reimagining some of Britain’s favourite retro ice lolly brands in chocolate form”.  The article also includes a description detailing how we create our products which sets us apart from other chocolatiers – “The new additions have been produced using the brand’s patented production technique, which decadently layers chocolate on top of chocolate and allows the business to create a range of intricate designs.”  It’s this technique which allows us to create so many of the designs which have gone on to be our most popular products.


Sweets and Savoury Snacks World

Sweets & Savoury Snacks World  commented on how our  Ice Lolly Shaped Chocoaltes  are “ in the shape of Britain’s favourite retro ice lollies. ” – well we had to go for the British favourites!  The article also highlights that each chocolate shaped ice lolly is  “Handmade from pure...Belgium chocolate.”  as are all of our chocolates! 


The Food and Drink Innovation Network

Every time we create a new product we like to think of the fun they will bring to the customer and  The Food and Drink Innovation Network clearly agrees as they said of our   Ice Lolly Shaped Chocoaltes; “ this new collection of iconic ice lollies are designed to deliver a little ray of sunshine, no matter the weather.” Well living in Britain we have to bring the sunshine where we can! 


Confectionary Production Online

Confectionery Production Online’ s roundup of the latest top products highlights that “ Choc on Choc has created an ice cream alternative consisting of Belgian chocolates in the shape of Britain’s favourite retro ice lollies ” and provided a description of the range -  “a classic Fab, an old school Strawberry Split, a traditional Twister and the multi-coloured rocket ”.

S Magazine ‘Ice, Ice Baby’  was all the description needed by  The Daily Express ’ weekly supplement, S Magazine in their article titled, ‘ Get This’ , a weekly roundup of the latest must-have products.


Stylist MagazineStylist Magazine suggested you  “Confuse the office with Choc on Choc’s ice lolly-shaped Belgian chocolate set.” In their weekly Style List -  a round up their ‘top’ products of the week. 









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