1. History of the Advent Calendar

    History of the Advent Calendar

    I hope you all have your advent calendars. What a treat to wake up every morning and have an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, for 25 days!

    The word ‘Advent’ was created from the Latin word ‘coming’. The Advent calendar can be traced back to the 19th century. The calendar begins on the 1st December and it counts down the days until Christmas day. The tradition began when German families in the mid-nineteenth century would tally how many days until Christmas on walls in chalk. They have now evolved over the years from doors sealed with pictures or bible verses behind them, nowadays they include gifts, such as chocolate, alcohol, and makeup, that is hidden behind each door.

    Advent chocolate calendars have grown hugely, with most major confectionery companies that now produce an advent calendar each Christmas. They are a perfect little gift to prepare for Christmas time.

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  2. Bath Christmas Market

    Bath Christmas Market

    Head down to the Bath Christmas market this week, where you will find us in our own little cosy chalet selling our delicious handmade chocolates! The markets open from the 28th November – 15th December, opening times start from 10 am – 7 pm (Mon-Wed), 10 am – 8 pm (Thur – Sat), 10 am – 6 pm (Sun).

    This year’s market will include around 150 chalets’, the perfect place to shop small and support independent businesses and pick up some unique Christmas gifts. Choose from jewelry, personalised presents, homeware, decorations for Christmas, and lots more!  Not only do they have chalets selling luxury gifts, but they also have a range of festive food chalets selling hog roasts, burgers, treats and lots of wonderful warm drinks to keep you warm. Yes – even mulled wine!

    The Telegraph stated that Bath has the best Christmas Market and it is also recognised as one of the top European Christmas markets, so we are proud to be selling our wonderful chocolates at this well kn

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  3. The Best Christmas Markets in the UK

    The Best Christmas Markets in the UK

    Have you planned any activities to do over winter? How about spending your days, evenings or weekends visiting cosy Christmas markets? Who wouldn’t want to walk around in big warm coats, cosy scarfs, hats and a warm hot chocolate or baileys in your hand? Walking between chalets and stalls, buying lots of artisan, unique Christmas gifts for your family and loved ones.

    Looking for inspiration on where to go to see the best Christmas markets in the UK? Have a look at the following, to visit this winter.

    Hyde Park – Winter Wonderland

    London displays the best Christmas market in the UK, which is located in Hyde Park. It’s a free event, so you have no excuse to not go! The event is from the 21st of November – 5th January.  The event is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm! Winter Wonderland is full of Christmas chalets, selling wonderful artisan gifts, they have food and bar stalls, games and rides and much more!

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  4. Winter Events in the Area

    Winter Events in the Area

    With Christmas getting closer there are many wonderful Christmas markets to visit in and around the UK, check out the following events in the South West area, to enjoy with your loved ones.

    Winter Wonderland – Bristol Cribbs Causeway

    The wonderful winter wonderland is back again for another year. Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway displays a wonderful Christmas event, which starts from the 16th of November – 5th January. The magical event features Santa’s Enchanted Ice Castle, an ice rink and lots of festive food to enjoy!

    Longleat Light Festival

    This winter, Longleat is bringing back their light festival from the 9th of November – 5th January. Their grounds are lit with stunning structures, extraordinary creatures and lots more. Not only do they have their light show, but they also have a Santa train, winter safari and they decorate the wonderful Longleat house for Christmas.

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  5. Hot Chocolatey Drinks

    Hot Chocolatey Drinks

    Trying to find motivation in this cold, wintery weather? Get yourself warmed up with a hot chocolatey drink this autumn!

    Try our wonderful Choc on Choc chocolate-filled espresso cup! Simply heat up the cups in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir well and then heat for another 20 seconds. You can dip your favourite biscuits, treats or even fruit in for an extra delicious taste. Or how about adding warm milk to it to make it into a real hot chocolate, or a shot of espresso for a magical mocha!

    We also have our chocolate buttons available on our website that you can use to create a real hot chocolate! If you melt down the chocolate buttons and add some hot milk, mix together and add your favourite toppings to make a wonderful hot chocolate, such as whipped cream, sprinkles, fudge bites and cocoa powder.

    If you want to spice it up, how about trying a pumpkin spiced hot chocolate. You can even add our Belgian chocolate buttons to create the base of the hot chocolate!

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  6. 5 Vegan Chocolate Recipes

    5 Vegan Chocolate Recipes

    At choc on choc, we are crazy about all things chocolate, but as we all know when January comes around a bit of a detox after a sugar filled Christmas is always a good idea. Here at HQ we are trying a vegan detox but if, like us, you can’t give up chocaholic cravings, we’ve put together the best of both worlds! So if you are fancying a chocolate-fuelled feast minus the guilt. We have just the recipes for you….

    1. No Bake Vanilla Cheesecake .. super easy and so delicious 

    2. Creamy Chocolate

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  7. Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Sons, Brothers, and Nephews

    Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Sons, Brothers, and Nephews

    Whether they’re five, fifteen, or fifty, chocolate is always a welcome choice for our sons and brothers. Check out our pick of the top five handmade gifts from Choc on Choc that will please the boys of every age.

    For the gym buff: Give him something to work off with our chocolate kettle bells. These handmade goodies are made entirely from Belgian milk chocolate, and make the perfect post-workout nibble.

    For the burger junkie: If you know someone who’d rather chow down on a burger than a salad, treat them to our

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  8. Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Dads, Uncles, and Grandads

    Chocolate Christmas Gifts for Dads, Uncles, and Grandads

    Generally speaking, the men in our lives are the trickiest to buy for. But with our festive gift guides, there’s no need to resort to socks or a cufflink set yet again! We’ve picked the top five gifts for dads, grandads, and uncles everywhere.

    For the shed-dweller: If you know a man who’s most often found tinkering with tools in the bottom of the garden, then you have to give him our chocolate gardening set. This handmade duo contains a fork and a trowel made from delicious Belgian milk chocolate, dusted with edible silver glitter to complete the look.

    For the breakfast buff: Some people just can’t function without their

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  9. Gifts for People Who Hate Christmas

    Gifts for People Who Hate Christmas

    For every person who decks the house in glitter and fairy lights as soon as Halloween is over, there’s another person who will cross the street to avoid a Christmas window display, or turn off the radio when THAT Mariah Carey song comes on. But what do you get the person who hates Christmas? We’ve got five suggestions for you!

    Chocolate Pie and A Pint: If they’re not a fan of turkey and sprouts, offer them an alternative in the form of our Belgian chocolate pie and pint selection.

    Emergency Chocolate Gin and

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  10. Our Pick of the Top Christmas Gifts For Grans, Aunties, and Mums

    Our Pick of the Top Christmas Gifts For Grans, Aunties, and Mums

    If you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down to Christmas since the first leaf fell – and now, the big day is less than a month away!

    Chances are you’re well into your Christmas shopping by now, but if you’re struggling a little to pick something for the ladies in your family, or you just want to get them something extra, we’ve chosen our top chocolate goodies for mums, grans, and aunties everywhere.

    For the glamorous granny:

    If your gran’s a fan of red lipstick and still rocks a formidable heel, we’ve got just the thing for her.


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