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  1. The chocolate bars that never made it

    The chocolate bars that never made it

    Choc on Choc is constantly reinventing the chocolate wheel and bringing new creations to the table. But at the same time, we’re proud to say that our customers keep on coming back for our delectable designs again and again.

    But in the wider, ruthless world of chocolate, not everything lasts forever. Remembering and repeating this mantra is essential to getting through the national tragedy of beloved chocolate bars being discontinued. The chocolate bar graveyard is full of weird and wonderful chocolatey inventions that are no longer – either because they weren’t popular enough, or they were just a downright flop.

    Here are some of the chocolate bars that never really took off.


    Mars Delight

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  2. 5 Vegan Chocolate Recipes

    5 Vegan Chocolate Recipes

    At choc on choc, we are crazy about all things chocolate, but as we all know when January comes around a bit of a detox after a sugar filled Christmas is always a good idea. Here at HQ we are trying a vegan detox but if, like us, you can’t give up chocaholic cravings, we’ve put together the best of both worlds! So if you are fancying a chocolate-fuelled feast minus the guilt. We have just the recipes for you….

    1. No Bake Vanilla Cheesecake .. super easy and so delicious 

    2. Creamy Chocolate

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  3. Apparently, Chocolate Can Help To Cure Your Wrinkles

    Apparently, Chocolate Can Help To Cure Your Wrinkles

    We all know that, in moderation, chocolate has been proven to have a ton of health benefits. But recent studies have found a brand new one that's got us all excited.

    A team of scientists from the University of Exeter, together with a team from the University of Brighton, have discovered that dark chocolate, red wine, and certain other foods such as blueberries contain chemical compounds that promote cell regeneration and help to prevent our DNA from becoming 'frazzled'.

    At the end of our DNA strands are things called telomeres, that basically stop your DNA

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  4. Have You Heard About The New Kind of Chocolate?

    Have You Heard About The New Kind of Chocolate?

    When someone asks you to name different kinds of chocolate, you could go on forever – orange chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate, hot chocolate, white chocolate, gin chocolate… But whatever the flavour, most solid chocolate has one of three bases: white, milk, or dark. But did you know that a fourth kind of chocolate has been created?

    Renowned chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, recently announced that they had created ‘ruby’ chocolate alongside the three main kinds. Ruby chocolate is made from a specific cocoa bean (called, surprisingly, ‘ruby’), and has a reddish tinge to it.

    Unlike the

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  5. 5 White Chocolate Recipes You Have To Try

    5 White Chocolate Recipes You Have To Try

    Here at Choc on Choc, we’re crazy about white chocolate. And dark chocolate. And milk chocolate. But there’s something extra-delicious about the sweetness and creaminess of our white Belgian chocolate that we can’t resist! So here are our favourite white chocolate recipes for you to tuck into over the coming autumn months.

    Red Velvet White Chocolate Roll

    Desserts don’t get much richer than a red velvet cake – except when they come in the form of this delicious red velvet Swiss roll with a white chocolate cream cheese filling. Enjoy this chunky treat with a cup of tea for a wonderful

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  6. The Tastiest Fashions: London Fashion Week in Chocolate

    The Tastiest Fashions: London Fashion Week in Chocolate

    We’ve just come to the end of one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar: London Fashion Week! And as the biggest trendsetters in chocolate style, we thought this would be a good time to show you our take on the hottest SS18 trends (before they even hit the sweet shop shelves).


    The runways were awash with sunny shades of yellow, so you need to accessorise your snack cupboard with a similarly bright bag – made of chocolate, of course! Our new chocolate handbag is made from white Belgian chocolate, dyed a delectable buttercup yellow.


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  7. Chocolate-Loaded Doughnut Fries Are A Thing and We Need Them

    Chocolate-Loaded Doughnut Fries Are A Thing and We Need Them

    Sometimes, there are the days that we eat our five fruit and veg, drink our eight glasses of water, and even fit in a little exercise.

    Then there are the days that we want nothing more than chocolate and deep-fried goodness. 

    Well, for those days, there’s a new treat in town: chocolate-covered doughnut fries. Oh boy.

    Blending the fried doughnutty goodness of a churro with gooey melted chocolate and even chunks of Oreo, the Brisbane-based Chocolate Komberry Co. offer these mouthwatering goodies from their mobile camper vans, along with a whole host of other chocolate-themed delights. 

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  8. It’s National Read A Book Day!

    It’s National Read A Book Day!

    September 6th is one for all you book worms out there – it’s National Read A Book Day, making it the perfect time to curl up with that bestseller you haven’t quite got around to yet. But which Choc on Choc creation will go with your favourite tale?

    If you love a romance: Tuck into our beautiful box of red chocolate hearts, decorated with roses. These nine nibbles are just the thing to set the mood for your super-sweet page turner.

    If you’re a horror reader: Your gruesome and grizzly story needs a matching snack, and our spooky chocolate skulls are just what you need. Available in

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  9. Catch Up With Choc on Choc's July Press

    Catch Up With Choc on Choc's July Press

    As quickly as the summer came, it seems to have already started to disappear! We’re into August and the sunshine may be hiding, but in July, our summertime chocolates were all over the web. Take a look to see who couldn’t get enough Choc on Choc in their life.

    Firstly, New! Magazine took to Instagram to show off our chocolate ice creams and mini chocolate cocktail lollies.

    Then Daily Telegraph writer, Andrew Baker, tweeted about the summer collection for International

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  10. National Milk Chocolate Day Is Almost Here!

    National Milk Chocolate Day Is Almost Here!

    If you can’t get enough of the sensationally sweet flavour of milk chocolate, we’ve got some great news for you: July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day! To celebrate, we’ve picked out our favourite milk chocolate Choc on Choc creations for you to enjoy – but which one tops your list?

    If you like a kooky snack: Our milk chocolate pineapple is just the thing for you! As if the adorable milk chocolate pineapple dusted with gold weren’t tasty enough, we’ve also filled the pineapple with chocolate buttons, too!

    If you’re looking for a decadent treat: Our

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