1. Inspirational Woman of Wimbledon

    Inspirational Woman of Wimbledon

    As teenage tennis sensation Cori Gauff otherwise known as ‘Coco’ continues to stun the audiences of the world and as a company predominantly operated by female’s we thought that here at Choc on Choc we would focus on some of the important roles and achievements that female tennis players have had throughout the history of Wimbledon.

    So, where’s better to start than the beginning, the opening of the prestigious tournament known as Wimbledon started in 1877, however this only included men’s singles tournaments. It wasn’t until 1884 (a whopping 7 whole years later) that ladies’ singles were included into the tournament and then it took another 29 years for the tournament to include ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles in 1913!

    Once the ladies did get the chance to compete in 1884, the first ever winner of ladies’ singles was Maud Edith Eleanor, at the very young age of 19. Her win came only 3 years into her career of competitive tennis! Impressive!

    For her tremendous wi

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  2. How to throw your own winning Wimbledon party!

    How to throw your own winning Wimbledon party!

    Here’s some top tips to help you throw a winning Wimbledon party! Wimbledon is one of those occasions where union jack decorations are a must, so deck the halls with bunting, streamers and anything red, white and blue! Our Choc on Choc Mini Chocolate Duck’s With a Union Jack on them are perfect for this kind of occasion!

    Secondly, it’s the unwritten but most important rule of any Wimbledon party that you have to have Pimm’s. However, it’s extremely important to get the recipe spot on! The perfect Pimm’s is 3 parts lemonade to 1-part Pimm’s, garnished with all sorts of slices of orange, lemon, cucumber, strawberries and sprigs of mint.

    Now that you’ve found your fantastic food and ordered in more Pimm’s than you can shake a stick at, it’s time to create the perfect decor for your Wimbledon party. What better way to get your mates in the mood th

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  3. Celebrate Wimbledon

    Celebrate Wimbledon

    It’s that time of year again, it’s time for one of the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, Wimbledon!

    The much-anticipated start to The Championships 2019 is finally here and spectators are storming the grounds! Whether you’re chilling at Centre court or eagerly watching on the edge of your sofa, Choc on Choc has the perfect chocolate treats to celebrate the biggest highlight of British Summer time!

    Here at Choc on Choc we personally think that the best thing about Wimbledon is our tennis ball sized chocolates! Who doesn’t love a solid ball of chocolate? Our chocolate tennis balls feature a gooey marshmallow center that's surrounded in milk chocolate, and an outer layer of white chocolate dyed an

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  4. Let’s Hear It For The Girls – England Are Slaying the Women’s Euros 2017!

    Let’s Hear It For The Girls – England Are Slaying the Women’s Euros 2017!

    Here at Choc on Choc, we’re all about girl power, especially as we’re a team of (mainly) female staff! So we’re thrilled to see just how well the women’s England team is performing in this year’s Euros, and with the next match scheduled for Thursday 27th July, we think it’s time to stock up on the perfect chocolates for the game…

    Of course, if you’re football-crazy, you’re going to need some football-mad chocolates to match. Choose from nine mini chocolate footballs if you’re feeling generous, or treat yourself to four chunky chocs made from the finest white and

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  5. New Balls, Please!

    New Balls, Please!

    Starting today, the world-famous Wimbledon tennis tournament begins in London, and with tennis fever about to strike the nation, we’ve created something extra-special to help you and your friends celebrate in the most delicious way: chocolate tennis balls!

    With a coloured white chocolate shell, and a milk chocolate centre hiding a fluffy marshmallow filling, these solid Belgian chocolate goodies are just the thing for sports fans, chocolate lovers, and Wimbledon parties wherever you are!

    Of course, for the full Wimbledon experience, why not grab yourself our tennis-tastic set of chocolate tennis balls, chocolate prosecco, and a punnet of chocolate strawberries?

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