1. Inspirational Woman of Wimbledon

    Inspirational Woman of Wimbledon

    As teenage tennis sensation Cori Gauff otherwise known as ‘Coco’ continues to stun the audiences of the world and as a company predominantly operated by female’s we thought that here at Choc on Choc we would focus on some of the important roles and achievements that female tennis players have had throughout the history of Wimbledon.

    So, where’s better to start than the beginning, the opening of the prestigious tournament known as Wimbledon started in 1877, however this only included men’s singles tournaments. It wasn’t until 1884 (a whopping 7 whole years later) that ladies’ singles were included into the tournament and then it took another 29 years for the tournament to include ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles in 1913!

    Once the ladies did get the chance to compete in 1884, the first ever winner of ladies’ singles was Maud Edith Eleanor, at the very young age of 19. Her win came only 3 years into her career of competitive tennis! Impressive!

    For her tremendo

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  2. Chocolate Fruit & Veg Patch Pop Up In Selfridges London

    Chocolate Fruit & Veg Patch Pop Up In Selfridges London
    We are so excited to be collaborating with Selfridges, London for the launch of our own Belgian chocolate fruit and veg patch. Running from 11th - 23rd March 2019 Selfridges customers will be able to visit Choc on Choc’s rustic wooden Garden Cart in the Foodhall and pick ‘n mix their five favourite fruit and vegetables from an array of Greengrocer’s classics in pure Belgian chocolate, bringing a new meaning to “getting your five-a-day” 

    The Pop-Up will allow consumers to forage, berry-pick and harvest a selection of their favourite fresh fruit and veg staples in a traditional punnet: from crunchy sweetcorn, to marvellous mushrooms and red onion, crisp bundles of asparagus, florets of broccoli and cauliflower, sweet strawberries, grapes and bananas.

    A single punnet containi
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  3. Let the good times roll

    Let the good times roll

    To celebrate National Chocolate Week (15th-21st October 2018) we've collaborated with Japanese street food and sushi restaurant YO! Sushi at Selfridges to launch the UK’s first handmade sushi maki rolls made entirely from chocolate. Diners at YO! Sushi branches in Selfridges London, Manchester and Birmingham will be able to grab this special four-piece sushi set of Chocolate Maki Rolls from the restaurant’s famous ‘kaiten’ conveyor belt for £3.80 throughout National Chocolate Week.

    Our delicious Chocolate Maki Rolls offer diners the perfect pud for their sushi experience and are handmade with the finest Belgian chocolate, with the creamy white chocolate replicating the sushi rice along with a delicious dark chocolate centre

    To get your hands on one of our Chocolate Maki Rolls, head down to one of the participating YO! Sushi restaurants in Selfridges London, Manchester and Birmingham branches from Monday 15th ti

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  4. Chocolate lover’s bespoke afternoon tea

    Chocolate lover’s bespoke afternoon tea

    We are beyond excited to be collaborating with the Marriott Park Lane Hotel for National Chocolate Week (13th-19th August). We will be launching the UK’s first deliciously decadent ‘choc swap’ afternoon tea set made entirely of chocolate with a selection available exclusively at the London Lanes of London restaurant.

    Guests will be able to indulge in all of their favourite traditional afternoon elements, but some of these have been swapped out for their lifelike chocolate counterparts.

    Priced at £39.50 per person, the bespoke afternoon tea features a selection of Lanes of London’s delicious finger sandwiches, scones and pastries alongside our very own chocolate cucumber sandwiches, chocolate digestive biscuits and chocolate custard creams that look just like the real thing. The real showstopper is the chocolate scone, which oozes jam when you slice through the middle and each part of the choco

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  5. One great reason to the gift of chocolate

    One great reason to the gift of chocolate

    One of life’s fundamental truths is that people with chocolate are the most popular. And now there’s scientific evidence to prove it.

    Giving a student a chocolate cookie has a been found to have a huge impact on how students feel about their teachers, according to new research.

    The study, to be published in the journal Medical Education, found that tutors who gave their university students chocolate cookies scored significantly better in evaluation surveys than those who were given nothing.

    These cookie-giving tutors were also rated as having better teaching materials, and their overall scores for the quality of their course were better.

    The researchers said that their findings might just give teachers new ideas if they want to improve their evaluation scores using “food-related interventions”. I.e. giving them chocolate.

    So the motto of all t

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  6. The ‘Coolest’ Chocs in Town: August 2017 Press Round-Up

    The ‘Coolest’ Chocs in Town: August 2017 Press Round-Up

    Sadly, weather-wise, August was a little bit of a washout – but it seems the press were getting their summer fix another way with our sunshine-filled ice creams and lollies! Our all-weather ‘ices’ were everywhere in the blogger-sphere, not to mention in quite a few high-profile publications, too.

    We knew our chocolate cocktails lollies (or ‘choctails) were going to be a big hit, but we weren’t prepared for just how popular they were! Our chocolate mojitos and Pina Coladas appeared in the Metro and Fabulous magazine; on the OK magazine Twitter feed; and in independent blogs,

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  7. Catch Up With Choc on Choc's July Press

    Catch Up With Choc on Choc's July Press

    As quickly as the summer came, it seems to have already started to disappear! We’re into August and the sunshine may be hiding, but in July, our summertime chocolates were all over the web. Take a look to see who couldn’t get enough Choc on Choc in their life.

    Firstly, New! Magazine took to Instagram to show off our chocolate ice creams and mini chocolate cocktail lollies.

    Then Daily Telegraph writer, Andrew Baker, tweeted about the summer collection for Inter

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  8. June: The Month of Chocolate and Cheese

    June: The Month of Chocolate and Cheese

    Though we’re well into July, we think it’s time to take a look back at all the many places our chocolate treats appeared in the press back in June. And there was one product that we just couldn’t keep on the shelves…

    Of course, the middle of June was Father’s Day here in the UK, and it seems as though this year’s papas are real foodies, with our chocolate cheeseboard becoming the star of the show. Not only did we see our after-dinner extravaganza appear in Sloan! Magazine, but it was also features in a whole host of videos, including ones by

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