Guess what, our favourite week of the year has arrived! Chocolate Week is here, and to celebrate, we’ve put together our special chocolate meal plan*, containing all of our favourite foodie creations…

ELEVENSES: Add a little chocolatey goodness to your coffee break with one of our irresistible biscuits. Whether you’re a bourbon nibbler or a custard cream fanatic, our realistic biscuits barrel contains seven of your favourite dunk-tastic delights, recreated in Belgian chocolate.

LUNCH: Everyone loves a ploughman’s lunch, but why not get your ‘cheese’ in a slightly different way with our chocolate cheese and crackers? With Brie, Camembert and Stilton all handmade from white and dark chocolate – not to mention a stack of white chocolate crackers and a bunch of chocolate grapes – this sharing selection is sure to make you the toast of the office.

Choc on Choc Chocolate Cheese and Crackers

AFTERNOON TEA: Tea-time favourite, the macaroon, gets the Choc on Choc treatment in this box of eight gorgeously bright snacks. Dyed in a wonderfully eye-catching array of colours, thse smooth bite-size chocolates have been handmade from white Belgian chocolate, and make the perfect after-school treat or afternoon pick-me-up.

SUPPER: It’s dinner time, and what could be better than a chocolatey dose of some true British classics? Celebrate Fish Friday with fish and chipsas you’ve never had it before, or perhaps tuck into a chocolate pie(complete with pint) for a comforting mid-week meal.

NIGHT CAP: Once the kids are in bed and you’ve settled in for the night, round off your chocolate day with our scrummy gin and tonic. This cute choc-tail selection contains a gin-flavoured white chocolate bottle, together with a white-and-dark chocolate ‘can’ of tonic water and even some slices of lemon.

*Of course, we wouldn’t advocate only eating chocolate for every single meal… but the odd treat during Chocolate Week should be just fine.