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Will There Be A Doughnut Wall At Your Wedding?

Will There Be A Doughnut Wall At Your Wedding?

Originating in America, the trend has been picked up by brides and grooms across the world, and in some cases, is even replacing the traditional wedding cake. Many cite it as a more inclusive option than a wedding cake, plus the more interactive selection of your very own doughnut seems to appeal to a lot of guests.

Wedding Favours If you think this sounds like your kind of wedding wall but aren’t the biggest fan of a deep-fried, frosted ring, then we’ve got the perfect alternative: the Choc on Choc chocolate doughnuts! Each pack contains six solid chocolate doughnuts made from a delicious blend of milk and white Belgian chocolate, and decorated with lots of hundreds and thousands.

If you’d rather something a little more traditional at your wedding, then make sure to check out our brand new Wedding category for everything from tiny chocolate gin bottlesto show-stopping chocolate cheese boards. Plus, we can even create something brand new and entirely exclusive, just for you!

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