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What your favourite type of chocolate says about you

What your favourite type of chocolate says about you

When it comes to chocolate and offspring, let’s face it, we do have favourites, if we’re being really honest with ourselves. Okay, well maybe just with chocolate.

But have you ever thought about what your favourite chocolate says about you as a person?

Dark chocolate

If you’re a fan of rich, dark chocolate, it’s likely you’re quite healthy, and pay attention to what you put in your body. That said, you’re not the sort of person to deprive yourself of anything, either. You’re level-headed, and perhaps you’re the one people come to for advice. Or chocolate, for that matter.

Colourful chocolate

If you’re more likely to pick M&Ms or Smarties, there’s a high chance you eat chocolate on the go sometimes, or share it with others along your adventures. You’re colourful, adventurous and see chocolate as part of the fun. Try our chocolate colourful quail eggs next time you need a fix.

Nutty chocolate

There’s a chance you’re a bit sporty, or at least health conscious, if you opt for chocolate with nuts in. Bars such as Snickers are often seen as energy-giving, packed with protein for the outdoors type.

Classic milk chocolate

If you’re the kind of person to go for a classic chunk of milk chocolate, you’re obviously a person who knows what they like, and just wants to get on with things. You’re a no-fuss, reliable kind.

Coffee chocolate

You’re a busy person who needs a double fix of energy at once. Try out chocolate mocha beans for your next pick-me-up.

Chocolate with caramel

You’re the kind of person who likes a bit of sweetness, but you keep it a bit more hidden than the average M&M-lover. Perhaps you love to let go and indulge, but you prefer to act mature, and keep your inner child a secret.

White chocolate

Let’s face it, you’re a sugar fiend, and you’re not afraid to admit you like things as sweet as can be. Try our adorable white chocolate ducks for your next indulgence.

Coconut chocolate

If you’re a fan of Bountys and other coconut chocolates, there’s a chance you’re a dreamer – biting into chocolate to get a quick fix of something tropical in-between far-off adventures. If you’re in the mood for some plain milk and white chocolate, for a change, try our chocolate coconut for you next chocolate escapism.

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