A couple of weeks ago, Flo packed up a whole host of chocolate delights, and headed to Westminster to talk all things cocoa with MPs from all across the country. Hosted by our local MP Ben Howlettas part of a delicious ‘Taste of Bath’ roadshow, it was a fab opportunity to show just what us West Country folk can do! And how did it go? You’ll have to read on to find out…

Arriving at the Houses of Parliament, Flo found that even bags full of choccies can’t get you through stringent Parliamentary security procedures! Along with the other handpicked representatives for the huge array of artisan food on offer in the area (including the Electric Bear Brewing Company, Honey Midford Cider, Bath Soft Cheeseand Bath Gin), she set up shop in the entrance, and prepared to wax lyrical about our delicious and exciting products.

Much like lots of over-excited schoolboys who swarm on the canteen when the lunch bell rings, soon Flo was surrounded by chocolate-hungry politicians dying to know more about the company, including David Warburton, the Secretary of State, Elizabeth Truss, and Minister for Tourism, David Evennett. Though there were a few tongue-in-cheek comments about whether the chocolates were made in Flo’s kitchen, many of the MPs were genuinely intrigued and impressed by what we had to offer, with even some secret bespoke orders rolling in!

David Cameron with Choc on Choc Political ChocolatesWith the EU Referendum looming, it seemed to be the perfect time to show off just what British companies are capable of. We even showcased some of the cheeky chocs we made for the General Election last year, each bearing the face of the three major party leaders with a different filling, from honeycomb Clegg to blueberry Miliband.

Organiser Ben Howlett was very pleased with the turnout of some 300 parliamentarians, saying, “ I want to thank all the amazing producers who gave up their time to come and show off their tasty produce… The Secretary of State was very impressed with what the city has to offer as were all other visitors.