It's Time To Melt the Fun Way This Summer

It's Time To Melt the Fun Way This Summer

It's that time of year again: the start of the summer holidays! With some schools already broken up and others freewheeling it down to the final day, parents the country over are hastily planning holiday activities to keep the little ones busy for the next six weeks. So why not treat them to some crafty fun with a tasty twist?

Our Melt and Make kits are just the thing to keep you and your family entertained during those summer days when the weather just isn’t playing ball. We’ve got three fantastic sets for you to choose from: Make Your Own Chocolate London, Make Your Own Chocolate House, and Make Your Own Animal Lollies.

Containing everything you need to make a chocolate reconstruction of some of the most instantly recognisable British landmarks, the London kit lets you and your children create Big Ben, a taxi cab, and a double-decker bus, all from the finest Belgian milk chocolate. Plus, you get a cute paper backdrop to set your creations against that the kids can colour in, too.

Buy Choc on Choc Make Your Own Chocolate Lolly Kit Or, if you prefer a more magical make-and-do, the chocolate house kit allows you to build a milk-and-white chocolate woodland cottage, as well as some tasty trees to go around it and a colour-in paper backdrop for acting out your favourite Hansel-and-Gretel-style stories. Minus the witch, of course.

Is a day to the zoo out of the question? No problem: with our chocolate lolly kit, you can create your own edible menagerie in your own kitchen! With monkeys, lions, and elephants in every box, all you need to add is some tiger face paint and a realistic roar or two.

The kits are simple and easy to use for any child over the age of 6 (with adult supervision, of course). Each box contains moulds, chocolate buttons for melting, and a paper chef’s hat for your little artists.

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