This is how much chocolate we really eat

This is how much chocolate we really eat

We are a nation obsessed. A new survey has revealed how much chocolate we Brits get through, and the results have made us beam with pride.

The average Brit gets through an impressive 1.5 tonnes of chocolate in their lives, which is worth more than £12,000, according to a new study by savings site VoucherCodes.


According to their survey of 2,000 UK adults, we tuck into 7,004 bars over our lifetime, including 1,642 dark, 1,425 white and 3,934 milk chocolate, as well as 104 Easter Eggs, 668 slices of chocolate cake,  8,719 chocolate biscuits and cookies, and 3,000 mugs of hot chocolate.

It’s no wonder, then, that four in 10 Brits admit to being a chocoholic. But we’re also a generous bunch; nine in 10 said they’re willing to share a box of chocolates. That said, we’re also a sneaky bunch. A whopping 12% of us have pinched chocolate from colleagues at work, while 35 per cent have "borrowed" it from their partner and 28 per cent have nicked it from their own children!

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