There’s A Museum of Chocolate Coming and We Are Excited

There’s A Museum of Chocolate Coming and We Are Excited

With a history dating back well over a thousand years, chocolate’s been bringing joy to humanity since long before William the Conqueror came to England. So, it seems only fitting that there’s finally going to be a chocolate museum! Want to know more? Just keep reading…

Visitors to the 5,000-square-foot museum can expect, “[to] discover the story of chocolate and its journey from bean to bar through original artifacts, nine premium tastings, kids’ corner and a bon bon making class, offering an educational – and delicious - hands-on experience for families, children, and chocolate lovers,” according to Torres’ official website,

For just $15, guests can drink traditional Mayan hot chocolate, enjoy nine premium chocolate tastings, and take part in a chocolate-making class to learn more about the craft. Of course, you’ll have to get yourself over to NYC, first, which does hike the price up a bit.

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