Many of us know well the familiar wrappers and shapes of a box of Cadbury’s Roses, whether they be carefully placed on a coffee table or liberally strewn across the floor after a Christmas gathering.  The satisfying twist of both ends of the wrapper have become somewhat of a trademark since Cadbury’s introduced their first box of Roses in 1938.  However, they have said this week that these will be replaced with the more modern tear away wrapper much to the upset of chocolate traditionalists everywhere. 

Cadbury’s claim this is to help the chocolates retain their flavour as well as to avoid cross contamination, apparently their most common complaint in 2014.  Two of their most recognisable chocolates will also be reshaped to allow the chocolate to ‘melt in the mouth more easily’, including the Hazel in Caramel.  Yes, that is the one that looks like a shiny purple, orange segment. 

So it seems that the trusty box of Roses is coming to the end of an era, will you be sad to see the originals go or are you glad to see the back of a loose chocolate rolling around at the bottom of the box having escaped from its wrapper?   Here at Choc on Choc we’re quite content with our unique shapes and packaging to keep things interesting!  To read more about this follow this link to the Daily Mail .