The chocolate bars that never made it

The chocolate bars that never made it

Choc on Choc is constantly reinventing the chocolate wheel and bringing new creations to the table. But at the same time, we’re proud to say that our customers keep on coming back for our delectable designs again and again.

But in the wider, ruthless world of chocolate, not everything lasts forever. Remembering and repeating this mantra is essential to getting through the national tragedy of beloved chocolate bars being discontinued. The chocolate bar graveyard is full of weird and wonderful chocolatey inventions that are no longer – either because they weren’t popular enough, or they were just a downright flop.

Here are some of the chocolate bars that never really took off.


Mars Delight

This lighter version of the classic Mars bar was taken off shelves in 2008, a mere four years after it was launched. There have been many petitions online to bring it back, but to no avail.


Boost Coconut

This variant of the Boost chocolate bar was a milk chocolate bar with a caramel and toasted coconut centre. Sadly, it never really took off, and was discontinued way back in 1994.


Spice Collection

It may sound like a version of the chilli chocolate on shelves today, but this, in fact, was Cadbury’s homage to the Spice Girls, launched at the height of their success in 1997. The box of chocolates remains a mystery today, but it’s safe to say the collection didn’t last quite as long as the band.


Banana Milky Way

In 2000, Mars launched a limited edition banana flavoured Milky Way, and yes, it was yellow on the inside. It followed on from an earlier trial of a strawberry flavoured Milky Way. It was on shelves for four weeks, at the price of 15p. Needless to say, it didn’t last any longer than that. 

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