The best of Choc on Choc’s truffles

The best of Choc on Choc’s truffles

We love a good chocolate truffle here at Choc on Choc, and we know we’re not alone. Crisp chocolate shells encasing a gooey, melt-on-the-tongue chocolate centre – what’s not to love?

Here are some of our favourite Choc on Choc truffles, not that we’re trying to tempt you…

Chocolate Truffle Selection Box

Our delicious selection box is perfect for those who just can’t bring themselves to pick one type of truffle.

Our box of nine truffles contains three of our most delicious truffles: salted caramel, triple chocolate brownie and strawberry champagne. Not only will your tastebuds be treat to three deliciously different fillings, but we’ve also made sure to give you a selection of white, milk and dark chocolate, too.

Salted caramel chocolate truffles

Our salted caramel chocolate truffles are handmade using the finest ingredients, including Belgian chocolate and with an indulgent salted caramel centre. They come complete in a Choc on Choc gift box – that is, if you can resist keeping them for yourself.


Chocolate cakes, cups and truffles selection box

If you want to go in with the big guns, this is the selection box for you. We’ve brought together 16 of our finest chocolate treats, including chocolate cakes, teacups, daisies and strawberry champagne truffles, in a delightful array of white and dark Belgian chocolate. Each one is lovingly handmade using the finest ingredients.

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