The best chocolate destinations

The best chocolate destinations

It’s holiday season – but who just wants to go and sit by the pool when you can visit some of the best chocolate destinations?

Chocolate is enjoyed and produced all over the world – here are some of the best places to visit if you want to take your love of chocolate on holiday with you this year.


Otherwise known as the country where milk chocolate was invented, Switzerland is heaving with amazing chocolate. You can visit a number of factories amongst the beautiful countryside, where you can watch the production, and learn about chocolate’s history in the country.


Brussels, in particular, is the place to visit. The capital city is often called the “Chocolate Capital of the World” and is filled to the brim with chocolate shops (more chocolatiers per square foot than in any other city in the world, apparently). Brussels is also home to two of the biggest chocolate companies on the planet, Godiva, and Leonidas – and it’s not difficult to find a good chocolate tour to embark on. You can also visit the  Musee du Cocao et du Chocolate (Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate) – just don’t forget to take some chocolate souvenirs home!


France is one of the world’s gourmet capitals, and that includes chocolate. In Paris alone, there are more than 300 chocolate shops, from little independent boutiques to well-known chains and award-winning artisan chocolatiers. Dark chocolate is a particular specialty here, with many chocolatiers using high quality ingredients and original recipes.


Italy is a fine choice for chocolate-lovers, and Tuscany is home to what’s known as The Chocolate Valley, a triangle formed between Florence, Pisa, and Montecatini. Situated in the picture-perfect countryside are many gourmet chocolate shops and small factories. 

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