If you find yourself drowning in unused notebooks and brand new pens, or you know someone with a meticulously-organised desk, then you are just going to love our latest creation! We’ve whizzed up a complete stationery set (all made entirely of irresistible dark and white Belgian chocolate) that’s the perfect present for the creative in your life.

Containing eleven scrummy life-sized chocolates, you'll find everything you need to create your own edible office: a lined spiral notepad, a mini polka-dot notebook, five colourful crayons, a pair of scissors, a pencil sharpener, a fountain pen, and even a chocolate pencil with a marshmallow rubber tip.

Each of our chocolate stationery sets comes presented in a cute cream-coloured chest of drawers with chocolate-brown ribbon handles, meaning it's ideal to present as a gift (or just as a treat for yourself). Every item is handmade in our Somerset factory from the finest ingredients, making this one truly special selection.