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Spread the word of mental health with Choc on Choc

Spread the word of mental health with Choc on Choc

Here at Choc on Choc, we love a good cause just as much as we love chocolate. And now we’ve joined up with card retailer Funky Pigeon to combine the two.

Funky Pigeon have launched their Believe in Happy campaign in support of mental health awareness week, to encourage people to open up about their mental health and tackle stigma. And to support such a brilliant campaign, we’ve designed some delicious chocolates to help spread the word.

The campaign is being spearheaded by the Funky Pigeon’s graphic designer Amy, who received a supportive card from her Grandma while she had post-natal depression and realised we send way more “Get Well” cards for physical illnesses than mental illnesses.

Inspired by this, Funky Pigeon are launching a product range full of messages of hope and encouragement, allowing us to let people know we’re thinking of them in times of struggle. And it really is that easy to turn someone’s day around.

And we’ve designed a delicious collection of four chocolates in the spirit of the campaign, to go alongside Funky Pigeon’s uplifting designs.

With a smiley face, rainbow, stars and cloud designs in yellow and pink, made with the very finest Belgian milk chocolate, our collection is the perfect pick-me-up to send to anyone struggling with their mental health.

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