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It's National Hot Chocolate Day!

It's National Hot Chocolate Day!

January 31st marks a very important day in the Choc on Choc calendar: National Hot Chocolate Day! But how will you be celebrating this momentous occasion? Well, we've got some suggestions for you...

1. While you’re out and about:Sure, many of us take a flask of coffee to work, or with us on our morning commute, but why not swap out that caffeine for some tasty hot chocolate instead? This devilishly tasty hot chocolate recipe from Deliciously Ellashows you how to make super-healthy hot chocolate using almond milk, almond butter, date syrup and raw cacao. Who needs Starbucks?

3. Like a pirate: No, we don’t mean aboard the Jolly Roger. Rum and hot chocolatemake a classic combination, so why not make your evening beverage a grown-up treat by adding in a splash of Jack Sparrow’s favourite tipple? We liked to go with something spiced for an extra warming effect.

In a cookie: OK, so the idea of enjoying a drink as a biscuit might seem a little odd, but this recipeincludes your favourite hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, and some chunky chocolate chips which melt just enough in the baking process to get that smooth, hot chocolate taste. We’re game!

Choc on Choc Chocolate Vintage Spoons 5. By stirring in some real chocolate:Lastly, our vintage spoonsare the simple and stress-free way to enjoy a warm cup of chocolate. Simply choose which of our four solid chocolate spoons you’d like to enjoy in liquid form – be it raspberry and milk chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate, white chocolate with hundreds and thousands, or milk chocolate with hundreds and thousands – and stir the topping into a mug of warmed milk until the chocolate melts. Yum!

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