Look Who's Talking About Us

Look Who's Talking About Us

Some of our WOW! Valentine's products have been grabbing the headlines lately.  We're always super proud when publications feature our products and it seems they rather like us! Our  Perfect Match Chocolates Chocolate Oysters  and of course our amazing  Chocolate Cheeseboard  seem to be the star products this February.



Mother & Baby Magazine Online  have included us in thier article: ‘ The best Valentine’s Day presents’  which is a roundup of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for mothers or women who are pregnant. 

The piece features two Choc on Choc products - the  Chocolate Oysters and Perfect Match Chocolates. They said: “ we definitely would prefer a box of this type of oysters on Valentine’s Day - made of thick, luxurious chocolate... Delicious!” & A match made in heaven. We can’t think of any more perfect match puns... Enjoy - this chocolate is thick and delicious!”




Chocolate Oysters and Champagne Truffles


Our Chocolate Oysters with Champagn Truffles  have been featured in the  BBC Good Food Magazine Online's ' Valentine's Day gift guide 2016’ .  They wrote:  “Not a fan of traditional shellfish? These incredibly life-like cocoa shells will give you a hint of the ultimate food of love, without going the whole fishy hog. Just make sure you don’t glug them down whole in one go.”




Tired Mummy of Two


Tired Mummy Of Two liked our Chocolate Matches so much that they put them into thier ‘ Making Valentine’s Day Special’ post, noting that they  “look stunning so they make a perfect gift”!




Gifts 4 You


Gifts 4 You Online  have done a Choc on Choc Mother’s Day gift feature.  The  Chocolate Biscuits, Shoes & Handbags , Tea Cups & Tea Cakes Set, Gardening Set, Best Mum Selection Box Best Mum H amp er  &  Chocolate Cheese Board  all got a mention!

 They described the range as “ deliciously decadent” and “ perfect for any occasion, but especially for Mother’s Day”. They also stated that: “a ll of these chocolate delights are fantastic gift ideas.”




  Food Bev

Confectioner creates ‘bespoke range’ of Valentine’s chocolates’ was the headline from Food Bev who highlighted our Valentine’s Day chocolate range, which is described as “ the ideal gift”.  The article features our Chocolate Oysters , Perfect Match Chocolates, ‘LOVE’ Chocolate Sculpture and the Raspberry-Infused Heart Chocolate Bar.   Our unique process of making our chocolates was also highlighted:  “The artisan brand takes its name from the patented production method invented by its founders, which decadently layers chocolate on top of chocolate, producing completely unique confectionery”.





Mother & Baby Magazine

The Evening Standardand Sweets & Snacks World Magazine Online both had a lot of love for our Perfect Match chocolates and Chocolate Oysters with Champagne Truffles. Meanwhile our Matches reached number one in the Tayside and Fife regional magazine The Courier’s ‘ Valentine’s Day 2016: The Very Best Chocolates’.





Mother & Baby Coverage


Mother and Baby Magazine Online featured some of our Mother’s Day gifts i ncluding the Best Mum Selection Boxand our Chocolate Biscuits.



The Sunday Express article about Choc on Choc

It's also exciting to see Choc on Choc featured in the business pages of The Sunday Expressand the Express Online talking about just how busy we were this Christmas.  

“Artisan chocolate producer Choc on Choc saw its sales rocket 255 per cent over Christmas, thanks to the introduction of treats shaped like biscuits, pieces of cheese, vegetables and penguins.”





Avocado in The Metro


The latest big news is that our amazing new Chocolate Avocadois featured in the Hot Listof the  The Metro! Calling it “The trend that just won’t go away”,it does remind us that our avocado is not quite as healthy as the real thing, but that it sure is tasty.”



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