Look Tasty with These Chocolate Beauty Hacks

We all know that chocolate has a place in the cupboard (not to mention the fridge and our handbags), but did you know, it can be a handy beauty product as well? No? Well, read on to see these nifty chocolate tips that’ll have you looking good enough to eat…

Want to get brows ‘on fleek’, as the kids are saying these days? Try following this tip from Cosmoto create the perfect eyebrow tint from two of our favourite things: coffee and chocolate! Once mixed with honey and coconut oil, the formula can be brushed onto eyebrows to leave them looking fuller, darker, and more groomed. Just don’t forget to wash it off afterwards.

Or perhaps you’ve got a big event coming up and don’t have time to head to the spa for a facial? Don’t worry – chocolate is the answer! This DIY face mask from POPSugarexfoliates your skin and helps to get rid of unsightly blackheads using cocoa powder, milk, brown sugar, and sea salt. Delicious as that may sound, we don’t recommend you eat it afterwards…

Chocolate Beauty Tips If you’re running low on your favourite bronze eyeshadow but you’ve got a cupboard full of cocoa, don’t despair: you’ve got everything you need to make your very own on-trend shade. Just mix it together with a little turmeric powder and arrow root before blending with moisturizing shea butter for a wonderfully rich eyeshadow that will last and last. Thanks, Free People!

And finally, for an irresistibly tasty lip gloss that will also nail the dark lips trend brought to us by Kylie and Kendall, just blend coconut oil, almond oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E oil with a little peppermint oil and some chocolate chips. To see how, just click here to head to Food + Words’ recipe.

So will you be adding a little choc to your beauty regime?