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Life inside the chocolate factory

Life inside the chocolate factory

If you've ever wondered what it's like inside a chocolate factory in the run-up to Easter, here's a little update from behind the scenes as the year's biggest chocolate event approaches!

Chocolate Dippy Eggs 

15,000 chocolate filled eggs...That's right, we've made 15,000 Chocolate Filled Eggs with Toast Soldiers so far this year, and counting.  One of our most popular Easter products, these gorgeous Easter treats are now available in white chocolate and you can even add an 'egg wardrobe' of paper outfits onto your order for extra fun with the children over the Easter holidays.  Dress your egg up as a superhero or mermaid before you demolish it, breaking the luxurious Belgian chocolate shell to reveal decadent chocolate sauce filling!

Gin or Ostrich Egg?

Which egg do you love...Dippy eggs aren't the only eggs we make, we've been busy producing this years brand new editions including our Dark Chocolate Ostrich Egg and our Gin O'Clock Egg.  In a recent pole on Instagram 70% of you loved our luxurious feather embossed ostrich egg!  Don't fear if you aren't a fan of dark chocolate though, we do a white chocolate version too!

Tasting time! 

New ideas mean tasting time...Of course just because it's Easter it doesn't mean it's time to stop creating which means - tasting time!  We're always looking to come up with something different and bring our loyal customers something new.  We have a lot of exciting new products and projects coming up so don't forget to keep checking the site for new additions!

Bespoke chocolates

Bespoke offerings...Being hand carved and handmade there's pretty much nothing that we can't make out of chocolate, making it perfect as a corporate gift or a special touch to an event.  Easter is a busy time for us, not only in mail order but getting bespoke chocolates out of the door to companies who have asked us to create something special for them and their customers or staff.

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