Jazz Up Your Easter Eggs This Easter With Our Cracking Creations

Jazz Up Your Easter Eggs This Easter With Our Cracking Creations

Easter’s only a couple of weeks away, and maybe it’s the spring sunshine (or the sheer amount of chocolate everyone consumes), but it has to be our favourite holiday! But what do you do when you don’t want your high-street chocolate eggs? Come to us, of course!

If you love to dunk your soldiers… Our dippy chocolate eggswill be right up your street! These milk chocolate eggs are filled with a wonderfully gooey chocolate sauce, and come with their own milk chocolate toast fingers for dunking. Just crack open the hand-painted egg yolk top, and you’re good to go. These goodies are available in three different egg cups, or in a carton of sixfor an indulgent breakfast.

I Choc on Choc Gisela Graham Egg Cosies f you’re into making your own… Get melting with our egg kits! These handy melt-and-make boxes contain everything you need to make your own chocolate egg and decorate it exactly as you want to – plus it makes a great Eater activity with the kids.

If you want to top off your Easter breakfast table… Grab yourself a set of super-sweet egg cosies by Gisela Graham. Whether you pop them over a real egg to keep it warm, or a chocolate egg as an eggstra-special touch, this adorable trio can be used time and time again.

Choc on Choc Chocolate Pineapple with Chocolate Buttons If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt… Make sure you throw the best hunt ever with our must-have kit! Name cards, foil-wrapped mini eggs, a solid chocolate sign, and even a medal for the winner mean that this kit has everything you need for up to six people to play the tastiest Easter game ever.

If you want something completely different… Forget the eggs all together and go all tropical with our chocolate coconutor chocolate pineapple! These handmade hollow Belgian goodies are filled with even more snacks, and make a fab alternative to the classic egg shape.

Which of our creations will you be buying this year? Make sure you let us know in the comments below!

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