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How to make your own Easter egg

How to make your own Easter egg

If you’re feeling proactive this Easter, you might want to try your hand at creating an Easter egg – with or without the kids (we won’t judge). All the fun of making something yourself – plus a delicious chocolate egg at the end to enjoy.

If you’re feeling creative, our Make Your Own Chocolate Egg kit is perfect. It contains all the ingredients and tools you’ll need, complete with chef’s hat and a yummy bag of sweets to decorate. Simply melt the delicious Belgian milk chocolate we provide, mould it into our egg moulds, and wait for the magic to happen. Once it’s set, use the sweets to decorate into a face.

If you want to go the extra mile, here are some little tips and tricks:

Add more decoration to your egg by reheating a tbsp of chocolate and patting it onto the back of your favourite sweet or chocolate before placing on the surface of the egg.

Add icing or melted chocolate with your own handmade piping bag by simply rolling up baking paper.

Finish with ribbon, or add some chocolate truffles to the centre of your egg, for the perfect Easter present.

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