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How to avoid your chocolate melting this summer

How to avoid your chocolate melting this summer

Aside from the constant threat of wasp stings, sandy sandwiches, and sweat patches, one of the biggest challenges of summer is keeping your chocolate from melting.

Sure, melted chocolate is basically the closest thing most of us can get to liquid gold. But sometimes it’s nice to keep our chocolate intact. So how do we do it when everything around us is melting? Here are a few well-tried methods, so you can enjoy your chocolate intact and as it was intended.

Ignore everything you’ve ever been told and do eat straight from the fridge

There’s a certain stigma attached to standing in front of an open fridge and picking food from it. We blame romcoms. But sometimes, you need to do the unthinkable in order to enjoy your chocolate. We’re talking fridge door wide open, unashamed, eating straight from the fridge as you stare into its abyss.

Cooler bags are your best friend

Whether you’re packing for a picnic or a normal day in the office, sometimes a little cooler bag is essential to ensure that mid-afternoon nibble is everything you wanted it to be. Alternatively, sneak a little ice pack into your bag for your chocolate to nestle against as you brave the commute.

Air con

It’s not the easiest thing to find in the UK, but air con does exist, and when you’ve got a chocolate bar on board, it’s going to be your best friend. If you know you’re going to the cinema, take your chocolate. If you’re hopping on an old bus and going into a stuffy pub – maybe leave it at home for a midnight snack when you get back. 

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