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DIY Chocolate Products That You Can Make At Home

DIY Chocolate Products That You Can Make At Home

We love a good DIY craft tutorial, and when that tutorial contains chocolate, it’s even better! So we’ve trawled the web to find you all the best projects for you to make at home, from lip balms to candles, all containing cocoa.

Lip Balm

Using beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and just a handful of other ingredients, this delicious chocolate mint lip balmgives your lips a gorgeous tan hue – and makes a perfect gift!

Candle-making can be incredibly soothing, especially when you’re using your favourite chocolate bar to make it! This how-to guideuses just five items to make your very own chocolate-scented homeware.

Chocolate face mask

Got some red wine that’s been open for a while? This face mask tutorialshows you how to use old red wine, cocoa powder, honey, and egg white to make an anti-ageing, skin-softening face mask! That’s our kind of spa treatment.

Chocolate bowls

Presentation at a dinner party is crucial, so make sure that your dessert gets full marks with these stunning chocolate bowls. Plus, the best part is, they’re completely edible so there will be less washing up!

Choc on Choc Chocolate WineChocolate wine

Have you ever been enjoying a glass of wine, but wished it were a little… richer? Well, with this recipe for chocolate wine, now it can be! Just grab your favourite bottle of Zinfandel, some milk, cocoa powder, and milk chocolate, and make your own wine choc-tail.

So which of these tutorials will you be trying first?

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