Chocolate Inspiration For A Relaxing Half-Term

Chocolate Inspiration For A Relaxing Half-Term

It’s officially half term here in Somerset, and though the kids might be buzzing at the prospect of a week off school, it can leave some parents wracking their brains for ways to fill the time. Luckily, we’ve got some inspiration for you!

Alternatively, if you do find that you and the kids are confined indoors on a rainy October day, why not brighten your afternoon and indulge their creative side at the same time with our melt-and-make kits? Containing all you need to create your very own chocolate house, city scene, or animal lollies, the easy-to-use kits come with plastic moulds, a chef’s hat, and a paper scene to colour in for extra fun.

Choc on Choc Chocolate House Though Easter may be quite a way away yet, there’s no reason you can’t have a tasty Halloween-themed scavenger hunt using our spooky chocolates. Grab some of our oozy chocolate eyeballs, or a few packs of the handmade chocolate skulls, and rather than sending the kids trick-or-treating in the cold, why not hide them around the house for them and their friends to find instead?

It’s important that you don’t forget Mum and Dad, either. Make sure that you grab a little treat for yourselves, too, with our naughty gin and tonicstash, or perhaps a chocolate pie and pintinstead!

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