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It’s Official: Chocolate for Breakfast Is Good For You!

It’s Official: Chocolate for Breakfast Is Good For You!

We don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but eating chocolate cake for breakfast is apparently great for both your brain and your figure! This study,carried out by Syracuse University in New York, showed that eating chocolate has a real impact on our cognitive abilities. To find out more about, just keep reading!

These findings are supported by an earlier study at Tel Aviv University, where researchers revealed that they ate chocolate every morning to boost their brains. It was also found that those who ate chocolate earlier in the morning were more likely to lose weight than those who ate it later in the day.

Choc on Choc Chocolate Egg and Bacon Dietary expert, Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, claims that this is because in the morning, your body is more likely to convert the food it eats into energy, but in the evening, it is more likely to store it as fat. The best time to eat chocolate, apparently, is before 9am.

So, with this in mind, don’t you think that it’s high time you tucked into one of our chocolate egg and soldiers sets? Or perhaps chocolate bacon on toast is more your style? Personally, we can’t think of a better way to start the day!

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