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Catch Up With Choc on Choc's July Press

Catch Up With Choc on Choc's July Press

As quickly as the summer came, it seems to have already started to disappear! We’re into August and the sunshine may be hiding, but in July, our summertime chocolates were all over the web. Take a look to see who couldn’t get enough Choc on Choc in their life.

Firstly, New! Magazine took to Instagram to show off our chocolate ice creams and mini chocolate cocktail lollies.

Then Daily Telegraph writer, Andrew Baker, tweeted about the summer collection for International Chocolate Day.

And, finally, the cute and ever-precocious eight-year-old blogger, What Luke Did Next, showcased our stunning red chocolate apple as part of his ‘Great Gifts for Teachers’ feature, saying the apple was ‘absolutely delicious and felt like a real treat.’ That sounds good enough for us!

Where did you first hear about Choc on Choc? Let us know in the comments below!

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