New Year, New Chocolates: Choc on Choc in The January Press

New Year, New Chocolates: Choc on Choc in The January Press

In the blink of an eye, it seems, January has been and gone, and we’re already nearly a week into the second month of 2017. Crazy! But, as quickly as January went, bloggers, magazines, websites and newspapers still found time to shout about Choc on Choc’s irresistible creations. Missed it? Well, here’s the round-up…

Choc on Choc The Grocer EN Magazineran an entire feature on our Valentine’s collection, including our matchsticks, pears, heart toast, and many others, while The Grocer , and FoodBev Media showed off many of our other fab new creations, including the wonderfully cheeky Seven Deadly Sins macaroons. YouTube vlogger, Lara Joanna Jarvis, mentioned our ‘ Bananas for You’ bananas in her Valentine’s Day Ideas video, too – looks like Choc on Choc’s going multimedia!

It was also a month with a lot of love for our exciting new Easter-egg-style chocolate coconut and mini eggs, with images of this coco-creation being tweeted by Heat , Mother & Baby , and The Grocer .

On a slightly more sobering note, Choc on Choc founder Flo was quoted by several national publications (including Express , The Daily Mirror , and The Grocer ) on the rising cost of Easter chocolates this year due to ‘shrinkflation. To read Flo’s thoughts on the causes behind smaller Easter eggs, click here. Flo also shared the story of the birth of Choc on Choc in a charming interview with The Mirror, which you can read online here.

Did we miss any? Were there any Choc on Choc sightings you came across? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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