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Celebrate Your Staycation With Our Best of British Collection

Celebrate Your Staycation With Our Best of British Collection

With soaring summer holiday travel prices, more and more of us each year are opting to stay in the UK rather than travelling abroad. But just because you’re spending your vacation in Blighty this year doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun – and we’ve got the best chocolates to help with that, no matter your destination.

If you’re camping in the countryside: You need to get your hands on our campfire kit. Containing meltable milk chocolate buttons, gooey marshmallows, a tray to melt your chocolate in, and wooden skewered, this fireside fondue is a must for outdoor breaks.

If you’re headed to the coast: You must indulge in the ultimate seaside snack – fish and chips! Of course, our fish and chips are handmade from Belgian milk chocolate, making them the perfect follow-up to some paper-wrapped cod or a delicious battered sausage. Yum.

If it’s a break to the capital: Add some extra-British creations to your rucksack to enjoy at various London landmarks. We’ve got a St Paul’s chocolate bar to enjoy as you marvel at Wren’s architecture; mini chocolate guards to share with the family when you head to Buckingham Palace; and, of course, a pack of quintessential British biccies for enjoying alongside a picnic in Hyde Park.

If you’re hopping on your bike for a cycling getaway: You’ll need to keep your strength up with a pack or two of our mini chocolate bikes! These bite-sized bicycles come in a box of nine, and are made from dark and white chocolate to give you the perfect blend of sweet and bitter.

If you’re staying at home: Don’t despair – we’ve got tons of other chocolates for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! From a holiday hamper complete with chocolate passport, to an enormous solid chocolate cake, to melt-and-make activity kits to enjoy with the kids, you’re bound to find something to brighten up the last few weeks of the holidays.

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