Several of our products have been featured in 's article   “23 Things that look like chocolate and chocolate that look like things”.  We are regularly asked by customers if our products are really chocolate as they are so realistic and clearly Buzzfeed agrees!


Chocolate Avocado

Our Chocolate Egg and Bacon on Toast “AKA the best way to start off anyone’s day” was top of the list! 


Shortly followed by our Chocolate Avocado which “screams health”, well it looks healthy and that is virtually the same thing…


Chocolate Biscuits Our take on Noughts and Crosses was described as a “much-improved version”, well anything replicated in chocolate is an improvement in our book!


“For those who like the finer things in life” out Minature Books came in at number 17 on the list.


They noted that our Chocolate Biscuits “merge your favourite sweet treats” which we image is what makes them one of our bestsellers!


   Last on the list was a mug from Catherine Colebrook available at Not on the High Street emblazoned with “Chocolate is for life not just for Easter”…a motto we firmly choose to live by here at Choc on Choc!