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Brighten Up Your Autumn With These Choc on Choc Treats

Brighten Up Your Autumn With These Choc on Choc Treats

Somehow, over the last couple of weeks, autumn has arrived, and we're not really sure how! But, though the nights may be drawing in and the temperatures may be dropping, there's no need to give into the winter blues just yet - we've got a whole host of cosy treats that are sure to put a smile on your face.

If sticking on some quality autumnal telelvision such as Strictly Come Dancingor (the final proper) Great British Bake-Offare more your scene, make sure you've got the perfect sofa-time accompaniment with our white chocolate crumpets. Complete with a beautfully creamy chocolate spread, these heart-shaped snacks come in a pack of four, making them the ideal evening treat.

Choc on Choc Chocolate Biscuits It's also a great time to crack out the biscuit tin, so make sure that in among the Hobnobs and the Rich Tea fingers, you've got a generous smattering of our famous chocolate biscuits. With solid Belgian chocolate recreations of bourbons, custard creams, iced rings, jam rings, and pink wafers, there really is one for everyone.

Of course, even though autumn brings crisp leaves, bonfires, and super-cosy knitwear, it can also bring us down a little when we know next summer is still so far away. So why not perk yourself up with a prescription with a difference, and pop a couple of our chocolate pills? Each pack of 30 'medicinal' chocs is available in milk or dark versions so it's easy to find your perfect pick-me-up.

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