It's a Big Weekend For British Sport (And British Chocolate)

It's a Big Weekend For British Sport (And British Chocolate)

It seems like this summer has already been a non-stop sporting extravaganza, but this coming weekend, things are about to heat up even more! Saturday and Sunday mark the finals of both the Women’s and Men’s Singles at Wimbledon, while Sunday will see both the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the conclusion of the 2016 UEFA Euros. So, what better way to mark the occasions than with some chocolate half-time snacks?

Footie fans the country over were thrilled to see Wales thrash Belgium last week, taking the hopes of Britain through to the Euro semi-finals, although a little less than encouraged after they were knocked out by Portugal last night. So why not help your favourite football fanatic celebrate or commiserate Sunday’s result with our delicious dark and white Belgian chocolate footballs? Handmade from our finest ingredients, there’s no way you’ll score an own goal with these.

If you’ve already gorged yourself on strawberries and Pimms during the (rather changeable) summer weather while enjoying an exciting and surprising Wimbledon, then try mixing up your celebratory snacks with our punnets of delicious white chocolate strawberries, or our ‘love’-ly box of tennis rackets. Perfect for a spot of mixed doubles!

Buy Choc on Choc Chocolate Bikes It’s also Tour de France time again, and what better way to watch one of the most strenuous bike races on the planet than with some chocolate in your hand? Our nine chocolate bicyclesare handmade from dreamy white Belgian chocolate with a crisp dark centre, and best of all, there’s no need to slip into Lycra shorts before you enjoy these.

Petrol-heads needn’t feel left out of the fun, as we’ve even rustled up the most scrumptious motors in our box of nine chocolate cars, or for the little ones, a solid milk chocolate selection of chunky chocolate engines! So whether you’re a Nico Choc-berg or a Jensen (Chocolate) Button, you’re sure to find the perfect snack for a cheeky pit stop.

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