Best Chocolates for Secret Santa

Best Chocolates for Secret Santa

Whether it’s between friends, colleagues, or family, Secret Santa is a great way to ensure everyone gets to join in with the Christmas fun! But if you’ve drawn a name and have no clue what to buy, we’ve put together this list of the best Choc on Choc presents for under £10.

Eat Your Greens: If you know your gift recipient is a vegetarian (or, even better, if they have a pathological hatred for anything green), our white chocolate vegetables will definitely make them smile!

Chocolate Reindeers and Penguins: Our cute critters are a hit with people of all ages, so why not add a touch of festive cheer with a box of reindeers and penguins? There are nine to a box, meaning they can easily share them (and who better to share them with than the person who bought them?).

Chocolate Bikes: Perfect for the break-time Guardian reader or the fitness fanatic, our colourful chocolate bikes will delight anyone with a love of all things two-wheeled.

Chocolate Books: If you know someone who’s never far from a book, then grab our mini chocolate library. The perfect thing to tuck into during a cold winter’s evening!

Chocolate Musical Notes: It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like music, which is why everyone will love our box of chocolate musical notes!

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