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A guide to sharing, for the chocoholic who doesn't like to share

A guide to sharing, for the chocoholic who doesn't like to share

It can be really difficult sometimes to walk the line between being a nice person, and eating all your chocolate to yourself. This is because we’re expected to share; it’s impossible to indulge in chocolate within a 10-metre radius of anyone without either offering them some, or running away.

As soon as the sound of the wrapper opening turns heads, you have to decide what type of person you want to be: a sharer, or someone who stops getting invited to events. (But gets to keep all their chocolate to themselves.)

But there are some ways to try and get around having to share your favourite chocolate, when you really just want to keep it for yourself. Here are your options:

Pretend it’s terrible

If you’re a very good actor, there’s a small chance you can take a bite of your chocolate and convince everyone it’s not very tasty. Go one step further and pretend it’s a really strange flavour, like sprout-flavoured chocolate, if you dare.

Feign ignorance

If someone starts eyeing up your chocolate, offer a look of pure ignorance and smile back. If they ask for a piece of your precious, precious chocolate, just keep asking them to repeat the questions and pretend you can’t hear them, right around the same time as you eat the rest of it.  


If someone’s eyeing up your chocolate, let’s see how much they’re prepared to give up. Make it clear that of course they can have some, but just before you hand it over, drop in a quick question about whether they can babysit for you on Saturday night, or look after your dog for the night, and see if they’re still so keen to take you up on your offer.

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