It’s may not be scientifically proven but we figure that there’s pretty much nothing that chocolate can’t fix.  Whether it be a bad hair day or a bad break up, a little, or large, sugar hit is often all it takes to divert disaster and rescue your mood. 

With that in mind, we bring you our latest creation; The Chocolate Therapy Pack, a dispensary of 30 milk and white chocolate pills to get you through whatever the month has to throw at you. Use it as an emergency pick me up, or breakfast if you’re having one of those days, this pack has your back for a whole month…or 10 days if you plan on having a pill for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  

If you’re pre-empting a stressful month ahead let us be your therapist and stock up on a prescription from Choc on Choc.  Or of course, if you hold our firm belief that advent calendars aren’t just for Christmas, being a chocoholic is reason enough!