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A Brief History of (Chocolate) Time

A Brief History of (Chocolate) Time

It’s fairly common knowledge that the human race has been enjoying the product of the cocoa bean for centuries, but do you know what happened between the first cocoa-based drinks of the Aztecs and the creation of our famous chocolate cheeseboard? If not, it’s time to delve into the Choc on Choc history of chocolate...

c.900 A.D.– The Mayans crush up cocoa beans and chili peppers, blending them with water to form, “xocolatl” (or “bitter water”), the first recorded chocolate-based product.

c.1400 – Mayan numbers diminishes and they are forced to trade their cocoa beans with the growing Aztec civilization, who couldn’t grow their own. The Aztec word for chocolate is, “Chocolatl”. (Interestingly, Aztec women were forbidden to drink chocolatl because of its “stimulating” effect. Oo-er.)

c.1500– Following the Spanish invasion of Southern and Central America, explorers like Hernán Cortés bring chocolate back to Spain, where it quickly becomes a symbol of wealth and luxury among the Spanish royal and noble court. Unlike the Mayans, the Spanish drink their chocolate flavoured with sugar cane and cinnamon.

Buy Choc on Choc Royal Crowns Chocolates 1615– A Spanish princess marries King Louis XIII of France, and the popularity of chocolate spreads throughout Europe. Soon, the Europeans begin to plant cocoa and sugar plantations in their equatorial colonies to cope with the growing demand.

1828– A Dutchman named Coenraad Johannes van Houten invents the cocoa press, which squeezes the fatty cocoa butter from the beans and produces a dry, powder-like residue that can then be used to form solid, edible chocolate for the first time. This creates a drop in production costs that makes chocolate readily available for everyone.

1847– The first commercial chocolate bar is created by J.S. Fry & Sons.

1879– Rodolphe Lindt invents the conching machine which produces a smoother texture and finer taste, allowing companies such as Cadbury and Mars to form.

2002– Choc on Choc is born!

(Via the History Channel)

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