And the Winner is....

And the Winner is....


Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day is omnipresent (and imminent!), on our screens, in our magazines, in our soaps and yes, in our blogs.


It’s big for us of course, who could imagine Valentine’s Day without chocolate? But this year we’ve tried to offer something a little bit different for the love struck out there. 


Take our amazingly luxurious Chocolate Oysters .  Handmade from smooth white Belgian chocolate, these ‘oysters’ are a little easier on the pallet than the real thing! If you really want to indulge why not try our most sumptuous chocolate offering yet…..Our Heart Shaped White Chocolate Crumpets served with their very own jar of Chocolate Praline Spread.  Literally chocolate on chocolate!


Always happy to share the love, we ran a competition this week offering a personalised vintage silver teaspoon from our friends at La De Da Living to the lucky winner.  We asked people to tell us what they would like to see on their winning spoon and all we can say is, you really are a loved up bunch out there! 


Some of the more imaginative entries included: “You stir my soul”, “everlasting love”, “love you to the end of time”, “for my beautiful angel”, “sweet or my sweet”, “you are my lobster”, “Still my valentine after 48 years” and the rather bizarre “2B + 30R + E (m + q + t) + 10W”.


So to Monkey, Fidget, Grumpy, Lumpy, Fishface, Boo Boo, Tom Cat and Jiggy, sorry you didn’t win but to Adam, we hope she says yes!


Flo & Kerr

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