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FAB-U-LOUS Retro Classic Ice Lolly Chocolates

FAB-U-LOUS Retro Classic Ice Lolly Chocolates

To those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s there was no sweeter sound than that of the ice cream van on a hot sunny afternoon.  As we ‘played out’ with our friends, in Startrite sandals and home-made tank tops, grubby and red faced from racing our bikes and collecting woodlice as pets, we would startle like meerkats and dash inside to find our Mums and our Mums’ purse.

Our van played the Match of the Daytune… already a warrior cry in our house. The first ‘duh duh duh daaa da da da da daaa…’signalled for my brother to go downstairs and watch the football with my Dad.. my brother was older than me, but not as stroppy, so this hard earned treat was the only concession made for being two years older.    

I can still feel the excitement of standing in line (there was always a line) staring at the sign next to the window of the hatch that was just a little too high to actually see into the van, but just low enough to see the ‘Mr Whippy’ dispenser.  Like most children on our estate, I thought Mr Whippy was the man in the van.   

Ice Cream Van


I always had a Fab.  It was literally the ultimate treat.  Ice cream, chocolate, sprinkles and a penultimate treat of an ice lolly in the middle. Heaven on a stick. My brother and his pals favoured a Rocket, for the obvious reason. For as long as it lasted it was also a toy, to be zoomed about your head, in an imaginary replica of the uber famous Apollo spaceship. What's not to like?  


So, in a nod to those stress free days we’ve come up with gorgeous life size replicas of some of those retro classics… but in chocolate! An out of this world Rocket, every kid’s fave a  Twister, an all-time classic Faband only for mums, a Mivi

Another amazing and unique chocolate idea from team Choc onChoc and only £15.00 !Give them as a present to your childhood chum and reminisce or keep them all to yourself and enjoy every last bite!  




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