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Want the perfect chocolate cake? Mayonnaise is the key…apparently

Want the perfect chocolate cake?  Mayonnaise is the key…apparently


Mayonnaise in a chocolate cake.  Yes, you did read that right.  It doesn’t sound like the most appealing thought, adding mayonnaise to a scrummy chocolate cake mix but according to expert, Jasper J. Mirable Jr. (featured in an article on Metro.co.uk yesterday) it is the key to chocolate cake deliciousness!  He explained ' Mayonnaise replaces the oil that’s typically used in chocolate cakes and makes the cake incredibly moist and decadent'.  It wouldn’t have been the first ingredient to come to our minds but hey what do we know, we’re experts in chocolate – chocolate cake is a whole different ball game!  We confess we may not have put this one to the test ourselves but a quick look online and we soon found a recipe that promises moist, fluffy results and with Mother’s Day & Easter coming up now may the perfect time for a little experimental baking!


Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake Recipe:

(For link to recipie please see below)



10 zo (285g) self-raising flour

8oz (225g) sugar

1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

7oz (200g) mayonnaise

4 tablespoons cocoa powder

8 floz boiling water

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

for the icing

1 tub of Betty Crocker ready mix chocolate frosting

---- or ----

2 teaspoons instant coffee

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

2 tablespoons hot water

3oz (85g) soft margarine/butter

8 oz (225g) sifted icing sugar



Mix flour, sugar, baking powder & mayonnaise. This is best done by an electric food mixer to ensure the mixture is thoroughly mixed.

Dissolve the cocoa in the boiling water & stir into the mixture along with the essence until thoroughly blended.

Place the mixture into a 7 inch greased & lined cake tin.

Bake at gas mark 4/ 180C/ 350F for 30 - 40 minutes. Test with a skewer.

cool in the tin before removing.

For the icing - If you are using Betty Crocker ready mix chocolate frosting go straight to step 9.

Dissolve the coffee & cocoa in the hot water.

Cream together the margarine/butter & icing sugar. Beat in the cocoa liquid.

Spread over the top & sides.



…Alternatively, if you missed baking day at domestic goddess school why not simply buy a cake and add some of our gorgeous Buttons , Quail’s Eggs or Truffles on top for a decorative treat – the untrained eye will never know!


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