Did you know the UK consumes 700, 000 tonnes of chocolate a year?  Just one of the chocolate based facts featured in Kennedy’s Confection Online ’s article “When chocolate is the Eaststar”, which also features our Chocolate Easter Bunny and Carrots ! Our bestselling Easter product was described as “Possibly our favourite Easter product this year” as it is “just so damned creative”.  Apparently, on average of we eat 8.8 Easter eggs each over Easter and unsurprisingly it’s been proven that 17% of all kids have been ill from eating too much chocolate.  This fact admittedly doesn’t come as a surprise to us and perhaps less surprising is that 80% of parents admit to secretly eating into their children’s chocolate hoard!


Emerald Street Newsletter We’ve also had our Ice Lolly Shaped Chocolates feature on Emeraldstreet.com ’s Instagram page who noted that “When it's not the weather for ice cream these chocs are doing the job”.  Well chocolate is the perfect treat for all year round!