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Can it be true – chocolate makes you smarter?

Can it be true – chocolate makes you smarter?



Don’t worry we haven’t slipped into chocolate induced hysteria here at Choc on Choc, a new study has found that ‘chocolate makes us smarter’.  No Really.  In an article featured in the Telegraph it claims that a new study has found “eating chocolate was strongly linked to superior brain function” and was also shown to increase memory.  They go on to mention that this isn’t the only benefit associated with eating chocolate, it has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke, stave off dementia and even help you lose weight according to the Guardian !  As chocolate makes up a smalllarge chunk of our diet this is welcome news to us here at Choc on Choc.  Basically, it’s just an all-round wonder food, but we knew that already!  





Dark chocolate for a good nights sleep If you need a good night’s sleep it may be time to indulge in some dark chocolate according to  The New Day.  Explaining that it’s rich in magnesium, vital to almost every function in the body, dark chocolate can help our body clocks to run on time.  Although we were thrilled at this news, fear not if you're more of a white chocolate lover, nuts and leafy green vegetables are also high in the vital nutrient!






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