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10 signs you're a chocoholic

10 signs you're a chocoholic

It’s a very fine line between being an average chocolate-lover and a die-hard chocholic. So how do you know if you’re part of the chocoholic club? Here are 10 of the most common signs.

1. You remember time periods based on the prices of chocolate bars, and which limited edition chocolate bars were available at the time.

2. You have an emergency stash of chocolate, a secret emergency stash of chocolate, and a super-secret, secured stash of emergency chocolate that even you’ve forgot how to find.

3. You coordinate your outfits depending on the colour of the wrapper of which cholate bar your mood most fits on any given day.

4. All of your gifts for other people are chocolate, just in case they feel like sharing.

5. You keep finding wrappers for chocolate bars in pockets you didn’t even know existed

6. You suggest trips to the cinema without even knowing what films are on, just so you have an excuse to eat chocolate

7. You class chocolate as a valid meal

8. Cereals without chocolate just aren’t worth your time

9. Ditto deserts, hot drinks and salads

10. Your last three holidays were all to Belgium

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