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  1. Wish Them Well With Our Exam Results Goodies

    Wish Them Well With Our Exam Results Goodies

    Today’s been a hugely important day for anyone who took A-Level exams back in June: finally, the results are in! And whether you want to congratulate that hard-working scholar you know or cheer them up, we’ve got a whole host of chocolate treats that’ll say it all for you.

    Or for those who’d love to pop a bottle of champagne in celebration (but maybe aren’t quite old enough yet), our chocolate prosecco bottlewould be a welcome choice. Complete with a punnet of six chocolate strawberries and decorated with edible golden glitter, this glitzy gift can be enjoyed by students of all ages.

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  2. Choc on Chic: Our Brand New Creations Are Bang on Trend!

    Choc on Chic: Our Brand New Creations Are Bang on Trend!

    We’re whipping out so many new creations this summer, our Somerset kitchen’s become a bit of a blur! Our latest collection is one of our most stylish yet, capturing all the key 2016 trends in chocolate form. Best find out what they are before everyone else catches on…

    Alternatively, bring a little more zest to your picnic with a collection of fresh and funky chocolate pineapples!Each box contains two white and two milk chocolate squares, decorated with the cute fruit that’s the print of the season. Why not grab a few and have

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  3. Gin and Chocolate? What's Not to Love?

    Gin and Chocolate? What's Not to Love?

    Can you think of anything tastier than a gin and tonic? No? How about one made entirely from chocolate? Our latest con-choc-tion has just arrived to tingle your tastebuds, and we think it’s going to be an instant hit! Containing all you need for your very own summer choc-tail, you decide whether you treat a friend, or treat yourself…

    Each gin-tastic stash comes presented in a cute set of drawers, which contains three solid white chocolate gin bottles, three dark-and-white chocolate cans of ‘tonic’, and even the must-have slices of lemon. Plus, did we mention the gin bottles are also gin-flavoured? Talk about mouth-watering!


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  4. Are You Ready for Festival Fondue?

    Are You Ready for Festival Fondue?

    This weekend marks the kick-off of Glastonbury festival, which means festival season has officially arrived! Although it looks like the weather could be a little bit of a wash-out (which, let’s be honest, is no great surprise), the Choc on Choc fairies have done it again and created something truly special that’ll make you the ‘toast’ of the campsite, no matter how muddy you get. Want to know more? Then just keep reading…

    Even if glamping’s not your thing, it’s time to add a touch of luxury to your festival frolics with our brand new Campfire Kit. This

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  5. 5 of the Finest Father's Day Gifts (Made of Chocolate)

    5 of the Finest Father's Day Gifts (Made of Chocolate)

    Just in case you hadn't clocked, Father's Day will soon be upon us. But if you're having a little trouble picking the perfect present for your papa, don't fret! The Choc on Choc fairies have whipped up this handy guide to the tastiest treats on offer in our edible emporium.

    So whether your dad's a pie-and-pint kind of guy, or a frustrated rock star, just read on to see our super selection...

    Tasty Chocolate Father's Day Gifts






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  6. A Chocolate Box of Tricks!

    A Chocolate Box of Tricks!


    If you’re looking for a show stopper to score some serious points on the cake circuit, we think we’ve found one to ensure you reign supreme amongst your fellow bakers.  Whilst browsing the delights that the internet has to offer (from experience we don’t advise doing this whilst hungry) we came across the work of art that is a Chocolate Box Cake - a cake topped with a tuck box of sweet treats!  An article by The Whootexplains that after using your favourite cake as a base and covering it in icing you are ready to start separating the cake up into sections

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  7. Can it be true – chocolate makes you smarter?

    Can it be true – chocolate makes you smarter?



    Don’t worry we haven’t slipped into chocolate induced hysteria here at Choc on Choc, a new study has found that ‘chocolate makes us smarter’.  No Really.  In an article featured in the Telegraph it claims that a new study has found “eating chocolate was strongly linked to superior brain function” and was also shown to increase memory.  They go on to mention that this isn’t the only benefit associated with eating chocolate, it has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke, stave off dementia and even help you lose weight according to the

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  8. "Gifts Fit for a Queen"

    "Gifts Fit for a Queen"



    Gifts Fit for a Queen

    Our special commemorative chocolates released for The Queen’s 90th birthday received some wonderful press in the lead up to Her Majesty’s special day.  We were included in the Bath Chronicle's feature “Gift’s fit for a Queen”, gifts from shops in and around Bath were selected as a round-up of gorgeous products available to mark the occasion.  Of course, we like to think that all of our chocolates are fit for a Queen but our

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  9. Love it Magazine loving our 3 Months Chocolate Supply!

    Love it Magazine loving our 3 Months Chocolate Supply!



    Love It Magazine the have been rounding up this years most desirable Mother's Day gifts in thier ‘ Things For Mum’feature and have included our 3 Months Supply of Chocolate!  The article appeared in magazine’s ‘ World Of Gorgeousness’ section...entirely appropraite we think!  


    “Mum will get a surprise box  of 

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  10. Wake up and smell the chocolate

    Wake up and smell the chocolate

    I arrive early for my meeting at the Choc on Choc headquarters in the Somerset village of Rode with Flo and Michele.  What struck me upon entering Chocolate House was the invitingly warm atmosphere filled with the scent of chocolate, ‘Mmmm…’ I think ‘…chocolate.’ and my stomach growls as if in agreement.  

    First things first, I am invited to a tour of the factory.  I don the attractive hair net and step from the office and into the Maker’s room.  Vats of unctuous smooth silky white chocolate gently undulates to my right and to my left are crates of the newly created chocolates.  The makers tables are littered with tempting remnants of chocolate. 

    The chocolate aroma is heightened by about a thousand percent and by now my brain is literally screaming ‘Chocolate!’.  My inner Bridget [Jones] is saying ‘I’m a mature, sophisticated woman, don’t disgrace yourself.’. 

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