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  1. How Long Can You Resist a Chocolate Bar For?

    How Long Can You Resist a Chocolate Bar For?



    We’re betting it’s not 80 years…

    A coronation souvenir bar (more than a little past it’s sell by date) made to celebrate the coronation of King George Sixth is up for auction in South Derbyshire.  Talking about their unusual lot the auction house said "We handle rare and unusual items on a daily basis but are still often surprised by objects brought to us. Who would have thought that no-one would give in to the temptation to eat the chocolate? It may be well past its sell-by date now but we are certain there will be an appetite for this in the saleroom!".  Amazingly the chocolate (still wrapped in its original foil) seems to have fared well – we can’t say any chocolate has ever hung around the Chocolate House long enough to try this out, but at 80 years old it

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  2. There's a Lot of Love for Our Lollies!

    There's a Lot of Love for Our Lollies!


    NME Things We Like

    A pot of glitter, ice cream sandwich & chocolate and chilli tequila – all things that NMEcovets in their “Things we like – this weeks objects of desire” and our Ice Lolly Shaped Chocolate

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  3. Five Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies You Say?

    Five Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies You Say?


      Chewy, chocolate chip cookies made with only 5 ingredients and vegan, paleo, gluten, dairy & sugar free…we know sounds too good to be true but Aoife Howard’s recipereally is as easy as it sounds!  Perfect for busy mums, kids and even the most inexperienced cooks the recipe includes the super ingredient cacao which has a pretty impressive nutritional profile.  The

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  4. The End of an Era!

    The End of an Era!


    Many of us know well the familiar wrappers and shapes of a box of Cadbury’s Roses, whether they be carefully placed on a coffee table or liberally strewn across the floor after a Christmas gathering.  The satisfying twist of both ends of the wrapper have become somewhat of a trademark since Cadbury’s introduced their first box of Roses in 1938.  However, they have said this week that these will be replaced with the more modern tear away wrapper much to the upset of chocolate traditionalists everywhere. 

    Cadbury’s claim this is to help the chocolates retain their flavour as well as to avoid cross contamination, apparently their most common complaint in 2014.  Two of their most recognisable chocolates will also be reshaped to allow the chocolate

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  5. We’ve Been Nominated For a Muddy Stilettos Award!

    We’ve Been Nominated For a Muddy Stilettos Award!


    We’re thrilled to be able to tell you that we have been nominated for a Muddy Stilettos Somerset awardin their ‘Best Local Producer (food/drink)’ category!  Muddy Stilettos, a county by county guide to the most unique and inventive local businesses, describe themselves as ‘The Urban Guide to the Countryside’ and run these awards each year to celebrate the many amazing local businesses that bring a touch of cosmopolitan to the shires.  We’re even more proud to be able to say we have been nominated by the public in this year awards

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  6. “What if the vegetables were the dessert?”

    “What if the vegetables were the dessert?”



    What if… 

    Merryn Magazine’s article ‘ When we were younger, we were always told that we had to eat our vegetables or there'd be no dessert. But what if the vegetables were the dessert? Meet Choc on Choc, chocolate makers extraordinaire’ references our Chocolate 5-A-Day Vegetables(perfect for desert or a chocolate dinner) and charts how Flo and Kerr founded Choc on Choc.  From their first ever product, Noughts and Crosses (available

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  7. The Royal Celebrations Continue!

    The Royal Celebrations Continue!

    Having just had The Queen’s 90 thbirthday it’s quite the month for royal celebrations as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrate their wedding anniversary today!  It’s hard to believe it was a whole five years ago that excitement and street parties swept across the country after months of anticipation.  Who can forget that Alexander McQueen dress?  Of course it was only fitting that we created our own little homage to the day – out of chocolate and a hashtag of course!  Who can escape a hashtag these days?!

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  8. Ever Wondered How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Spread?

    Ever Wondered How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Spread?


    There is very little choice when it comes to nutty chocolate spread, one seems to rule the roost and admittedly we haven’t complained!  Nutella’s familiar flavour counts many kitchen cupboards across the world as home but, as explained recently in the Guardian, it hasn’t changed much since it was created out of rationed ingredients during the second world war.  Containing 55% pure sugar as well as a fairly large amount of palm oil it’s not one of the healthiest concoctions to grace our kitchen tables at breakfast time! 

    Although chocolate spread may not usually be intended as a health food it’s always necessarynice to cut down on sugar which is much maligned in the press.  After examining the best chocolate, nuts, sweetener,

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  9. Our Easter Bunny & Carrots and Some Very Interesting Easter Facts

    Our Easter Bunny & Carrots and Some Very Interesting Easter Facts


    Did you know the UK consumes 700, 000 tonnes of chocolate a year?  Just one of the chocolate based facts featured in Kennedy’s Confection Online ’s article “When chocolate is the Eaststar”, which also features our Chocolate Easter Bunny and Carrots ! Our bestselling Easter product was described as “Possibly our favourite Easter product this year” as it is “just so damned creative”. 

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  10. "23 Things That Look Like Chocolate And Chocolates That Look Like Things"

    "23 Things That Look Like Chocolate And Chocolates That Look Like Things"


    Several of our products have been featured in Buzzfeed.com 's article   “23 Things that look like chocolate and chocolate that look like things”.  We are regularly asked by customers if our products are really chocolate

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