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  1. Our Cheese Board has been Guardian Approved!

    Our Cheese Board has been Guardian Approved!


    Our Chocolate Cheese Board has recieved a mention in The Guardian Online's   Mother’s Day Gift Guide’, a round-up of 2016's most desirable Mother's Day Gifts.  They promise that the Cheeseboard really is made of chocolate, a testament to just how good our chocolate designers are! 

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  2. "Eating chocolate regularly ‘improves brain function’"

    "Eating chocolate regularly ‘improves brain function’"

      An article posted by the Independent this afternoon has cited that "Eating chocolate regularly ‘improves brain function’ according to new study" and that "Habitual chocolate intake has been positively associated with cognitive performance" - good news for all of us chocolate addicts here at Choc on Choc! 

    Please see full article and link below:


    " Good news for chocolate lovers: eating the sweet treat has been found to have a positive association with cognitive performance, according to a new study.

    Published in the journal Appetite, researchers used data collected from a Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study (MSLS), in which 968 people aged between 23 and 98 were measured for dieta

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  3. Mother and Baby Magazine

    Mother and Baby Magazine

      Mother and Baby Magazine featured our  Chocolate Oysters and Champagne Truffles  on thier Twitter page in the run up to Valentine's Day. The post reads “ Hint hint... Here's what we would like for #ValentinesDay” and includes a link to an online article where the Chocolate Oysters have been included as part of a  Valentine’s Day gift guide.


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  4. We've Been Featured In The Metro!

    We've Been Featured In The Metro!


    Our brand new Chocolate Avocado has been featured in this months Metro 'Hot List'. The feature mentions that the avocado is a trend that isn't going anywhere and describes our chocolate take on this superfood as not " quite as healthy but it sure is tasty.” and we can only agree!  


    Metro FeaturesThey have also been showing a bit of love for us on twitter, posting a picure of our

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  5. FAB-U-LOUS Retro Classic Ice Lolly Chocolates

    FAB-U-LOUS Retro Classic Ice Lolly Chocolates

    To those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s there was no sweeter sound than that of the ice cream van on a hot sunny afternoon.  As we ‘played out’ with our friends, in Startrite sandals and home-made tank tops, grubby and red faced from racing our bikes and collecting woodlice as pets, we would startle like meerkats and dash inside to find our Mums and our Mums’ purse.

    Our van played the Match of the Daytune… already a warrior cry in our house. The first ‘duh duh duh daaa da da da da daaa…’signalled for my br

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  6. Voted Best Small Chocolate Producer!

    Voted  Best Small Chocolate Producer!

    We are winners of the Good Housekeeping Food Awards for  Best Small Chocolate Producer

    So excited and proud to have won, Thanks to my team here for making it all happen.


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  7. In the Daily Telegraph Today

    In the Daily Telegraph Today

    Sometimes we just have to pinch oursleves when we get interviewed by publications like this and then they put it in the finance section. 

    We love what we do and at times its so bloody hard we want to give up... but we are surrounded by chocolate and super fun and creative people who make us want to achieve more. 

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